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Monster athletes compete in the first challenge in the BMX Triple Challenge for the opening Supercross season in Anaheim, California

Uncovered with Andy Buckworth

Aug 242018

Australia's own Andy Buckworth was the first person to land a double flip in the X Games BigAir and Monster Energy Cup. This dude needs no introduction so let's get down to the nitty gritty and find out a bit more about his story. 

Buckworth joined the Nitro Circus Tour in its first year. In 2010, he astounded fans by becoming the second BMX rider to a double front flip. He was the first rider to land a double flip in the X Games Big Air and Monster Energy Cup. His performance won the bronze.


Buckworth grew up in Australia's Lake Haven, but is commonly known as the BMX wonder from Down Under. He continues to impress with new heights. His latest trick to date is a double-front flip — with no hands. He now lives in the US in Huntington Beach, California. This intrepid Aussie found a passion for BMX as soon as his parents bought him his first bike when he was nine. An early success, he joined the Terrigal BMX club as a jump and trick rider. He was just 11 at the time.

I remember coming home from school and riding around Lake Haven until it was dark,” Buckworth told the Daily Telegraph. “I just loved riding so much, and there’s been a lot of sacrifice and determination since then to make it to the top."

Buckworth will be heading back down under for Sydney X Games in October so keep your eyes peeled for some more show stopping action from this Aussie shredder. 

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