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Monster athletes compete in the 2018 FMX Summer X Games in Minneapolis

Uncovered with Josh Sheehan "Sheeny"

Aug 272018

Humble beginnings have never harnessed FMX star Josh Sheehan. Born to apple farmers in Western Australia,Josh began riding at the age of 14 and by 16 had already begun what would be a successful FMX career.

Nick named “Sheeny” by his fans, the FMX biker has traveled the world competing, winning and blowing the crowds away with unbelievable maneuvers. In 2015 during the Nitro Circus, however, Sheehan did the unimaginable. The double back flip had reigned as the pinnacle of motorbike tricks, first performed during competition by Travis Pastrana. At the time the FMX double back flip was the most jaw dropping trick ever seen during an FMX tournament.

However, when Josh Sheehan took to the dirt at the Nitro Circus in 2015 he would set the bar even higher with an unbelievable FMX triple back flip. 😵


Nitro Circus deemed it the, “biggest trick in action sports history.”


The triple back flip was no fluke accident either. Josh and his skilled FMX team had been experimenting and practicing the trick for a while. FMX stunts and racing is part adrenaline, part skill, and part physics. Without a skilled team behind a rider most FMX stunts would not be possible. The trick required a complicated ramp set and months of practice making sure timing and speeds were just right. However, when all the stars aligned, magic happened, propelling Josh into FMX super stardom.


Josh will be back in Aus getting ready for X Games Sydney this October. 

Keep your eyes peeled as he is sure to have some eyeball popping tricks up his sleeve for the home crowd.