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Unleashed Podcast With the Dingo and Special Guest Host Ash Hodges Fueled by Monster Energy featuring Chino Braxton

UNLEASHED Podcast Welcomes Urban Motocross Sensation Chino Braxton

Jul 262021

Prepare to get wild in the streets! Monster Energy is proud to welcome urban motocross rider and social media sensation Chino Braxton on Episode 11 of the sports and pop culture podcast UNLEASHED with The Dingo and Danny. The special 48-minute episode, recorded on location in Miami, Florida, gets personal with the 24-year-old urban FMX icon, who boasts over a million followers on his @chinobraxton Instagram account.

“Just from the way that I ride, I never thought that I would be making money riding dirt bikes,” said Braxton, who now endorses major global brands including Monster Energy and played the lead role in the 2020 movie Charm City Kings.

Known as a member of the 12 O’ Clock Boys urban bike crew, Braxton started riding dirt bikes at a young age and now dazzles millions of fans with his skills in viral videos. He allows a glimpse into the underground world of urban motocross in conversation with podcast host, Australian action sports personality Luke “The Dingo” Trembath, and special guest co-host, video producer “Dirt Shark” Ash Hodges. The new episode is now streaming on all major platforms, including Spotify, iTunes and YouTube.


Born and raised in Baltimore, Braxton started riding pedal bikes at age 2 and moved up to dirt bikes before long.

“I started riding when I was five or six. After pedal bikes, the next thing to do was getting on dirt bikes because that was the popular thing in my city,” said Braxton on the podcast. Recalling his first steps on motocross bikes under the tutelage of an experienced rider from the neighborhood, Braxton said: “Ever since then I’ve always loved dirt bikes.”   


The love for dirt bikes runs deep in Braxton’s hometown: “Dirt bikes in Baltimore have been going on since the 80s, and it’s always been a big thing. We originated a lot of the tricks being done on dirt bikes,” said Braxton, adding: “And over time, we became the dirt bike capitol.”


Although operating dirt bikes on city streets is technically illegal, urban bike crews have pioneered a spectacular way of riding marked by fully extended wheelies (also known as pointing the front wheel skyward at ‘twelve ‘o’clock’), as well as saddle stands and no-handed acrobatics.

“I started wheelies at nine or ten. That’s when I was fully on dirt bikes,” said Braxton on the episode.


When Braxton and fellow Baltimore locals began capturing their antics in YouTube videos, the urban dirt bike phenomenon blew up. In the process, young Braxton became a standout personality with his fluid riding style, endless wheelies, and bike control beyond his age. One clip featured a particularly long street in Baltimore, and Braxton pulled a wheelie down the entire length. “That video went out and my name was buzzing on the internet. That was one of the first videos.”


For a major career boost, Braxton was discovered by rapper Meek Mill as a teenager. “When Meek found me, he was watching me on YouTube. He was watching all the Baltimore videos and at the time I was one of the youngest guys riding dirt bikes,” said Braxton, who was 13 years old when the rapper contacted him about helping his career. “Nobody was making money off riding dirt bikes yet.”


His legend grew wings when Braxton dropped the ‘Chino’s Day in the Life’ video in 2012, which by now has garnered more than 13 million views. Taking things to the next level, Meek Mill signed Braxton to the Dreamchasers label. As a result, the West Baltimore native has contributed motocross stunts to music videos for blockbuster songs such as “Litty,” “Ima Boss,” and “Glow Up.”  


In 2016, Braxton’s meteoric rise almost came to a halt when he suffered multiple gunshot wounds to the head in a drive-by incident while visiting family in Baltimore. Miraculously, he survived, but a bullet remains lodged in his skull to this day: “The doctor said, ‘Don’t play the lottery… because you already won!’”


Today, Braxton is a key figure in the #bikelife movement and leads mass ride-alongs in major cities. He sees urban dirt bike riding as a unifying force and envisions a professional competitive league for the burgeoning sport.


Burning rubber on city streets has already netted the social media star hot endorsements, including a 2018 ad for the Supreme brand. An official Monster Energy athlete since 2011, he makes regular VIP appearances at motorsports events including the SuperCross series. In 2020, Braxton played the lead in the bike life movie Charm City Kings, produced by Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith.


Now the sky is the limit and Braxton stays busy with a new video project currently in the works in Miami, where the special podcast episode was recorded. Asked about the key to his supernatural riding style, Braxton offered: “I never think about what I’m doing when I ride. Because the minute that I think about it, I feel like I will hurt myself. So, I just think about nothing while I’m riding!