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backstage photos from Utopia bmx video project


Nov 092020

We all need a little Utopia these days. For the Ukrainian BMX aficionados, The Bespaliy twins, it is finding Utopia in the city of Barcelona, riding spots that they haven’t ridden before, drawing lines through the city with their bikes and landing tricks that they have been dreaming about.

Whatever your idea of Utopia is, the abstract videography mixed with hammer BMX tricks set to the backdrop of one of the most cultural cities in the world, must be one kind of Utopia for all. Whether the reality is ever as positive as the dream? We drop into the world of filmer- extraordinaire Mr Rich Forne to find out what makes a project like this come together during these times. Watch the full edit and read the interview below.


Why Barcelona?

I would say fate and practicality. We were all in the right place at the right time, so we will leave it to probability. Max and Igor were living in BCN through the first lock down and I was living amongst the Balearic Islands, crossing borders was not an option and it was impossible for the twins to fly back to the Ukraine.

Were there any obstacles in making the production come together?

Aside from the social distancing rules, virus alerts billboarded over every inch of the city, blistering August sun and extremely involved, police it was plain sailing.
I was at the beach and I got a call from Pasha (Monster, Moscow ) full of energy and optimism, he had an idea to try and create a positive message during a very negative post lockdown mentality. I was slightly shocked because all other projects had been cancelled due to complications with flight restrictions and different regional quarantines, so to hear someone so motivated to make a project happen during this unpredictable situation definitely inspired some hope.
There were still many districts in BCN and the Islands under lock down so, like every other project, I just expected to receive an email saying the trip was postponed or cancelled due to Covid. To my disbelief I opened an email and attached was a flight to Barcelona for the 30th of July. I decided to stay in BCN for one month so that we had more time to film. Being with the twins and BCN locals in a different environment helped me shake off the post quarantine vibes and feel human again.

What is your creative inspiration going into filming your latest project UTOPIA?

It is rare I have inspiration or direction going into a project although I had Pasha’s Utopian vision in mind, so I tried to pursue that. Just get out in the streets and see what happens, it’s really your only option as each day is so unpredictable especially with the Guàrdia Urbana breathing down your neck every 5 minutes. After living and breathing BCN for four weeks and witnessing the aftermath of lockdown, it’s safe to say UTOPIA’S original positive message is distorted, it’s more of a reality check.

How is working with the two brothers again and was it smooth sailing between them?

It is always a pleasure to spend time and film with Max and Igor. They are so mellow and reserved
even after a three-day battle with a trick they still seem composed and have a zen like calmness. They use cryptophasia to communicate with each other so it’s sometimes hard to know what is going on. I have never seen them angry at each other even after Max watched Igor trying a trick for 13 hours over 3 days. They have an incredible sense of patience and composure whilst trying to film.