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These pictures are taken for the launch of the new SKU made by Valentino Rossi. The new taste is named after his developer,

Valentino Rossi Has His Own Monster Energy Drink! Have you tried it?

Jul 062018

Monster has a fun flavor as bold as the man it's named after. Try Monster Energy's "The Doctor" to enjoy a citrus flavor that's crisp. Each 500mL offers a light flavor that's easier on the waistline. The carbonated drink has 219 calories and 55g of carbs.

Get the energy you need to power through rough days, even if your tasks aren't as thrilling as winning over 100 victories and 9 MotoGP World Championship. Team up with Valentino Rossi, called the "The Doctor" ™ by fans around the world. Rossi wants to spread the news of his signature drink so his fans can enjoy a full load of our legendary Monster Energy blend and the unique citrus taste.

Whether you need a pick me up for work or a way to switch gears for your time off, "The Doctor" gets you up to speed fast. The typical lemon flavour is a fan favorite, but it was time for something with a new spark and only a legend like Rossi could handle the namesake of this refreshing citrus version.


"The Doctor" is unique and bold with its own personality, very much like Mr Valentino himself. Don't let the friendly yellow design foul you as this tart taste will have you kicking through the gears and moving into pole position in no time. You can see that we are a fan, but don't take our word for it - Try it now!


If you want to get to know a bit more about "The Doctor" , watch #VR46TheSeries.