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Jeremy Van Horebeek at the 2017 Grand Prix of Latvia

Van Horebeek hoping to smoke Dutch MXGP as he chats #mylid

Sep 072017

The Monster Energy Yamaha #89 machine could be a blue and black blur in the shallow sand of the Assen circuit this weekend for the penultimate round of 2017 MXGP. Jeremy Van Horebeek is motivated to end the long nineteen round Grand Prix season with a third podium finish this year and the capable sand rider should be among the front runners at the famous motorsport course.

of his speed JVH is hard to miss on the track. A tidy and economical rider, he is also distinctive for his un-tucked race shirt, flecks of yellow on his Airoh lid and long-standing associations with the likes of Oakley and Alpinestars. On the back of his helmet is Van Horebeek’s logo; a manically grinning cartoon figure with two large smoking gun barrels.

“It was something we made when I came to Yamaha,” Jeremy says. “I had another logo before but in that first season with Yamaha I had a lot of success in 2014 and was on the podium almost every weekend. There was this saying that ‘Jere is shooting his guns again’! It was kinda nice, funny and looks good so I kept it.”

Van Horebeek sought out some changes and other helmet details in the wake of that 2014 term where he finished as runner-up in MXGP. “I asked if I could have florescent yellow and more or less kept that colour as part of the design,” he says. “It ties in a bit with the Monster logo and looks good. I have an ‘89’ in a circular logo and that was done by the painter but you don't really see it because of the helmet strap.”


Like a few others at the highest level of motocross Van Horebeek profits from a longstanding relationship with a helmet brand. “I think it is eight or nine years for me with Airoh and I like that they put my name and number on the rim by the chinguard; I asked for that and now they do it with all the Airoh riders,” he says. “Overall it is a nice helmet.”