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The Veterans Charity Ride 2017 left Los Angeles enroute to Sturgis with multiple stops along the way with the help of Monster Energy.

Veterans Charity Ride

Jul 312017

On 28 July 2017 at 0815, Veterans from all walks of life converged together at Firehouse #77 in Sun Valley, CA for a ride in a lifetime across to #Sturgis2017. This will be the first noted point into the story behind the ride.

After arriving at the Fire House, both new and last year’s riders met each other with hand shakes and smiles. The news crew from the Los Angeles area interviewed them on their thoughts and excitement for the ride. The overall vibe throughout was happy and nervous. As the time grew closer to 0845, the riders packed up and took their last pictures. They placed their helmets on one by one in an orderly fashion and proceeded to line up. The guide waved his hand and then the motorcycles started.

Off they went, all in a line on either their own motorcycle or one attached with a sidecar to carry another veteran. The group headed north along Littlerock, CA enroute to their first major stop for Lunch in Barstow, CA. They followed along in two lengthy lines on the open road towards the desert. After arriving in Barstow, the men and women laughed about the things they saw and the good times that associated with those tendencies this morning. They ate quick then refreshed themselves before boarding back on the bikes and continuing the journey.


While riding to Baker, CA one of the riders bags flew off the bike and caused a turn around with some of the crew. Luckily, this caused no problem and was retrieved relatively quickly from the side of the road. All was then good and the ride became smooth with an open highway. We then sprinted ahead to the Jean, NV location to meet the riders and make sure things were set for them to arrive.


Once at the gas station, over 50 supporters of the ride to include Las Vegas Metropolitan Police were there to welcome them in with open arms. It was a great celebration and the happiness flowed through everyone. One of the Monster Energy crews was out and about passing out samples of drinks to make sure everyone stayed cool during the summer heat. We all laughed and then came together for a moment to progress the strong bond the Veterans had.


At 1700 we waved goodbye, not forever but for a few short days as we would continue this adventure together on Monday in Moab, UT where Casey Currie plans to off-road and show these Veterans a good time. Stay tuned for updates as we bring this ride to life on the way to #Sturgis2017.