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Lost In BMX series - episode #2 Vilnius, LT


Aug 042016

Not even a month passed since our trip to Berlin and we were already at the airport again waiting for our plane to go on another adventure. These moments are truly golden – you know you go tone full week of exploring the unknown ahead and on top of that you get to be a part of a great crew. It’s as if you’re on a different planet, with your soul mate crew just riding and chilling - simply living the dream.

This time the target location set was Vilnius and the whole team got excited to experience a town never visited before - this is what the „Lost In“ series really lead to.

As s starter the the Polish aerolines were coming up with the latest piece of their technology and providing the crew with a sketchy looking propeller plane. After about one hour of praising the lord they finaly landed in Warszava, where they had to wait for their transfer flight. Shortly after the midnight they finally approach the capital city of Lithuania where - just a quick note - the airport looks more as a railstation. 

Even though it's night time, the taxi ride through the city of Vilnius bring couple of dark thoughts and worries about the spots not knowing this feeling is about to change soon. After a good while the crew finally arrives in front of a trash looking house standing in the similarly trashy looking neighbourhood and the only thing giving a clue this is the reented place to stay is a rusty street sign and house number which is about to fall off. Well okay, this was supposed to be the hood for another week. The doors open and Jason Eusthathiou who has arrived a couple of hours earlier guides the crew into the appartment which looks nice and totally different to what yiu can see from the outside. Couple of beers in the living room than obligatory sleep. The game is about to begin.

Lithuanina is situated closer to the polar circle with days way longer comparing to the Czech Republic. Sunrise is early in the morning and sunset about half past eleven. It's north position doesn't affect the weather though. Sun is still strong enough there. There were two rainy days which were spent in the local indoor skatepark and those provided another great sessions.


Ever since we came to Vilnius the place felt familiar, a bit like at home. It looks similar to some of the Czech towns like Prague or Brno, however with more chilled atmoshere and life passing by kinda slower. During one of the night pub sessions we had, and there were plenty, some local homie told us that people around call Vilnius the Berlin of East Europe and after having Berlin as our first stop we could really compare with yet fresh mems of the first stop in our heads and it must be sad - it really is a small Berlin but with a touch of Scandinavian vibe. People of all nationalities are walkin around without bias, drinking beers at some of those hipster pubs and live music can be heard on every corner. You see a unique culture line between the youngsters who seem to be cut out of scandi style with a russian twist and berliner „artsy“ tone. Actually you can hear russian and polish quite a lot in the streets, shopping basic groceries at a market went through much smoother when we tried using czech & slovak words rather than english.


Watch the Vilnius edit here:

Before I went on this trip there were no expectations at all and now the crew agreed the joined feeling is like coming back anytime there is a chance. The place is highly recommended to everyone and shall be marked on the maps and guides as a must see. Vilnius is offering a ton of various spots to ride as well as cultural attractions to see. It is simply worth of visit no matter if you ride bikes or not. 


Story by: Tomas Carda – filmer, producer


For the leftovers bonus video click link here: