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Images of The Sixpounder band in Poland.

We are a sensitive species – interview with The Sixpounder

Jan 272019

They have been playing metal for several years, they have issued 3 albums and are working on another one. They have recorded music for the Exterminator movie and recently played at the 27th Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Final in 3 cities during 2 days. Who are The Sixpounder? Are they faithful fans of metal, who are their music idols, how do they prepare for shows and what can we expect on the new album? You can find out below.

Singers need additional rituals to get on and off the stage without losing their voice. Push-ups and jumping are surprisingly a big part of it

How did your music adventure begin? Why did you choose music?

Paweł: My adventure began with New Kids On The Block, Roxette and Michael Jackson. I think it was before elementary school. When I saw the live recordings of those artists I knew that it's what I want to do. I love to play concerts. I am obsessed and filled by it. I think I love performing in front of people more than playing the instrument or writing songs.

Filip: There was a lot of music in my house and what I remember the most was Queen. As a kid I used to dress up as Freddy Mercury, I drew a moustache and sang to the Live concert at Wembley Stadium. To this day, the music of the artists from the 70’s and 80’s is the closest for me. That music had more soul and content.

Where did the name of the band come from?

P: “Sixpounder” – it’s a name of a sixpound gun used by the allies during World War II. It is also the title of one of the songs of Children of Bodom. I really loved it and it perfectly represents what we play. The Sixpounder should torpedo and crush into the ground.

Do you have any other passions besides music?

P: Of course, quite a lot, but I think that music dominates for all of us. I love to organize events and festivals, Filip loves photography, Michał cars and Artur, hmm, I think drums.

How was your career affected by the media activities, such as taking part in The Voice of Poland or making music for the Exterminator movie?

P: It was very good. All of those things gave us more fans. Very often at concerts we hear that people know us from TV. We know that this is maybe not a typical path for a metal band, but if we have reached people through those media than it is definitely a plus. We are happy that we had this opportunity.

F: A lot of people asked me if our actions were good. I think so. Even because of the experience, which we could not have gained in such a short time. To know the concert and TV scene helped me a lot.

What was your best and worst concert?

P: Very difficult question. Often it’s an individual thing. An awful concert for me can be fantastic for Artur. Although I think I am always not satisfied. We treat all concerts as a new experience. If there was no accident then the concert must have been good. I don’t remember any bad ones. If you are asking which ones made the best impression on us then definitely Woodstock, there is always magic there and the concert before Motorhead. We also have good memories from tours with Acid Drinkers, Kat and Decapitated. It was great. I love it so it is hard to find bad moments.

F: My favorite was Woodstock. You cannot describe it. The least favorite is the one during which I twisted my knee :D

How do you prepare for the shows? Do you have your rituals?

P: We do. We do a physical warm-up, push-ups, jumping jacks and other weird things. Then we go on stage with a lot of energy. We focus on playing the best concert. 

F: Singers need additional rituals to get on and off the stage without losing their voice. Push-ups and jumping are surprisingly a big part of it.

Many people accuse artists of changing their style… Queen did it with every album!

Do you spend time together besides the concerts and tours?

P: Yes, we try to do it. It’s not always possible, because everyone has something to do. But we remember about ourselves. We are like a small family. We have been in a relationship for many years. We argue sometimes, but we respect each other and we like to spend time together.

F: After so many years I’m surprised that we have not killed each other yet.

Who are your favourite artists? Your music idols?

P: We listen to many different artists and value many more. Definitely bands such as Mettalica, Pantera, Black Sabbath are legends, which made the scene what it is today. And we love them. But we also respect younger bands, which despite the difficulties of the market are doing really well and we see them grow. For example Parkway Drive and Bring Me The Horizon. Our interests are wide, from Queen, through John Mayer and In Flames to Pantera. It would take a lot of time to talk about it.

F: Freddie Mercury is my greatest idol, for many reasons. He was a bomb as a singer, front man, text and music writer. Queen is a band, which I listen to regularly when I want to reset. Many people accuse artists of changing their style… Queen did it with every album!

What kind of music do you listen to?

P: Each of us likes something different. I think that our playlists are a sacrilege of metal culture, because next to classics such as Pantera, Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, Kiss, Led Zeppelin sometimes you can find Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars or Lady Gaga. We are very peculiar. Generally we like things, which outrage others. Besides metal and rock we like blues, American country music, pop or classic music. I don’t think we like disco polo and jazz. Fiilp’s fascination for ambient music, which often sounds like a vacuum or a dishwasher, deserves attention. We don’t argue with that.

F: Ambient is something that is hard to explain and describe. You cannot start listening in the middle of a track and wait for nirvana. You need to feel it. I love all music. I hate disco polo and reggae – for me it’s one and the same.

What are your goals as musicians? What are your dreams?

P: Play as many concerts as possible and reach as far as we can with our music. Meet new people and constantly develop. Make the band bigger and give people joy and energy. We hear a lot that our band gives fans power, so we are proud of it.

F: Reach as many people as possible with my message. I would like to leave behind as much as possible – emotions, feelings and most of all energy.

You have 3 albums. Now you’re preparing the fourth one. It’s supposed to be a new direction for the band. Can you tell us more?

P: Definitely the material is much more mature. The compositions are more fluid, we love to listen to them and we love to play them even more. We were always drawn by melody and on this record we focused on it. We have also verified our world views and opinions about the reality, that is why the texts will be special.

F: I do not want to say too much, but as Paweł said we are more mature as musicians and as people. I think that we are a sensitive species and what is around us, the ubiquitous insensitivity is not natural. I think said a little too much.

When can we expect it?

P: If all goes according to plan this fall.