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Neries photoshoot 2018

We are introducing Nerieš

Apr 272018

Young and talented duo from Pezinok, Slovakia has been part of the scene for many years. Matěj and Gabryell came into wider awareness with their debut album ”Minimal” from 2015. Since then you could hear their singles such as Tieň, Za Jednu Noc, Obyčajní Chalani, 10 minút. They have also featured in many songs of well know Czechoslovak artists. This year, they released a very progressive and successful Animal EP and supported its release with a sold-out tour. It’s clear that will hear more about them in the future! Meet Nerieš.

Hi guys, thanks for taking the time for the interview! How are you and what are you currently doing?


Hey! We have a fresh new EP Animal and the festival season is starting to swing, so we are also touring. Besides that we are constantly working on new singles.


Nerieš are the newest addition to the Monster family. How would you introduce yourselves to our readers who may not know you yet?


We are ordinary guys from Pezinek, who have been doing music for about 15 years. We started at home first and later we built our own recording studio that has been working for 10 years now. In 2011 we released our first EP called Zmrdi as a digital copy only. It was followed by album Minimal in 2015 and this year, we dropped our newest EP Animal. However, we were of course constantly working on individual singles between the albums.


Your EP Animal was released about a month ago and it has been a huge success. How do you feel about it, looking back? Is there something that you would do differently?


Animal is about us. The music, the lyrics, the sound; we did it by ourselves, without any guests or co-writers. We wanted it to describe us as much as possible and we think we have succeeded. Six songs, three music videos. We would not change anything, it was the best we could do at the time.

Do you plan to release “full album” or do you prefer singles and EPs?


We think there is a huge overpressure of songs and albums nowadays. So less is sometimes more and we focus on quality. We continue to work with the single-music video scheme.


You have just finished a very intense tour. Full clubs, loads of energy, fans singing along with your lyrics... What do you think is the reason for such a success?


Literally years of making music and frequent touring. Nothing more, nothing less. The tour was huge; six days on the road, six concerts in a row. It wasn’t so funny in terms of health, we all age after all. But the memories and the energy we got from the people are for life.


How does your ordinary day look like?


A normal day looks like working, a day of a conscious and boring men, haha.

Matěj, you have your recording studio. Is it a job that feeds you full time, in addition to concerts?


Yes, I consider it my daily job since January. Until then, I was running a restaurant for 4 years, but you really can’t combine these jobs together and expect to give 100% to both of them.


Do you concentrate purely on rap, or do you collaborate with bands of other genres?


I was recording other genres and bands for a long time, but currently I am mostly devoted to hip hop; both production and postproduction.


You are childhood friends, do you ever get on your nerves?


Not at all. That would never work for us. It’s actually the exact opposite. We got used to take the edge off in various situations, which sometimes does not suit the people around us, haha.

How did you get into rap? Do you remember your first show?


We have walked a long way to get into rap. Our first proper show was at “Hip Hop Žije” festival in 2015. Of course there were some concerts before that but we don’t count these.


What does the songwriting process look like? Does one of you come up with a beat and then you write the lyrics together, or do you work separately?


It depends. There are times when music is written in the studio and we do voice lines and sometimes even lyrics simultaneously. Another times we write the lyrics separately into the beat that was created before. It always depends on your mood, theme, or situation.


What do you plan in the coming months and where can fans see you?


We are currently holed up in the studio, preparing more singles, music, and most of all rehearsing for concerts. We are going to perform at various festivals this summer and we even have a joint gig with the Paranoid band, which is going to be heavy! So there is definitely something to look forward to. Thank you for the interview and greetings to all the Monster supporters!