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The BMW fest in Plovdiv, Bulgaria was the biggest auto gathering in the country and had a awesome drift demo with ME athlete Alex Yazov.

We catch with local drifter Alex Yazov to chat about 2018

Mar 312018

The supported by Monster Energy athlete Alex Yazov is one of the best drifters in Bulgaria and Europe, who has many accomplishments some of which are 2 time winner of the European championship King of Europe – street legal.

Alex takes part in different demo events as well where except good driving abilities, there is also complicated choreography so the fans can experience a real spectacle.

We caught up with „The Matrix“, as he is known in the drift world, to get the low down of what we can expect from him in 2018 and if there are any improvements on his car.

As they say, we are working on full steam

Hi Alex,  <div>How is the preparation for the season going? </div>

Hello,  As they say, we are working on full steam. Motorsports require a serious revision of the cars and at the same time there is serious off-season training for the drivers. We are currently in this phase.

Which is the first event you will take part in?

For the 3-rd year in a row we are invited to ride in the 4 day „Salonul Auto București Spring Edition & Street Food Park“in Bucharest, Romania. This is the biggest moto expo in the country. We will have several 1 hour shows each day together with other drift and stunt riders.

Drifting is constantly evolving and we are happy to support new and interesting formats

Will we see you in competition this year?

Our plan is to take part in one or two rounds, but it depends on the locations. At the moment the organizer of the championship is looking for more attractive places. We are also in contact with another guy who is planning a different kind of drift race, which will be more focused on the show part of the sport. Drifting is constantly evolving and we are happy to support new and interesting formats.

Are there any developments on your beast of a car?

This season, like all the others before, the car will go through its annual evolution. At the moment we are working on a little different and more aggressive look. Except the design we will try and lift the horse power which at the moment is 500 h.p. Drifting is very demanding on the vehicle and everything needs to work together. You can‘t put a very powerful engine if the other components aren‘t built for that. So increasing the horse power will need other developments as well. 
I‘m really happy that for so many year on the track we have been able to develop a methodology that rarely lets us down. In motorsports you are never sure that something will not happen. Even in F1, where the teams have huge resources, problem can occur.

First comes the BMW fest. I'VE been involved in this event from the start of my career.

What do you do in winter time? Do you drift on snow?

This winter we had planned a unique event for Bulgaria called „Mission Ice“. The idea was not only for us to drive on snow and ice on a frozen lake, but also to pass on our knowledge to normal people so they learn how to react if a similar situation occurs in real life. Unfortunately the weather conditions didn't allow us to do it this year, but since the plan and everything else is in place we can hopefully do it next year.  
My training in the off-season as well as during the longer periods between events consists of using a specially build by myself simulator. It‘s configured in such a way that it is as close as it can get to my racing car. In the past 10 years simulators have become a serious instrument for training and not just a gaming thing. As well as being a lot of fun, they really develop the drivers’ skills.

Which are your favorite events during the year?

First comes the BMW fest. I‘ve been involved in this event from the start of my career.  Next comes the Tuning Show. In these kind of events the drifters give everything they have. I like them a lot, because they give freedom and we can meet the fans. That is one of the most important things in our sport – the open pits and the connection with the audience.