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The BMW fest in Plovdiv, Bulgaria was the biggest auto gathering in the country and had a awesome drift demo with ME athlete Alex Yazov.

We catch with local drifter Alex Yazov to chat about 2018 - part 2

May 232018

Below is the second part of our interview with local drifter Alex Yazov

I like the clean lines of Vaughn Gittin JR

Do you have a favorite drifter?

It‘s hard to name one. I like to take different elements from different drivers and try to combine them and develop my own style. I like the clean lines that Vaughn Gittin JR does and I have always tried to ride in a similar way. I love the way James Deane and Remmo Niezen do their opening runs as if it‘s qualifying. And later when they chase they are so close to the car in front. This means that they have total control of the car and the situation.

And who is you favorite motorsport athlete as a whole?

I have to say Schumacher. I think he is the first real athlete in F1. Before him the racers where playboys or simply very talented. Schumacher changed that. He brought the preparation of the drivers and the teams to an Olympic level. This is the man that really got me hooked on motorsports.

you are either good at one sport or you are average at more

How did you get into drifting and when did you start taking it seriously?

The sliding of the cars has always been more fun to me than driving in a straight line. Breaking the norms is what I like and when you can do it with style it‘s just awesome. I first fell in love with drifting when a watched Manga Initial in 2003. There I decided that this is what I want to do. I completed my Time Attack engagements in 2007 and then I started building a drift car. Since then I haven’t stopped developing and popularizing the sport in Bulgaria. Drifting is not just a sport, it‘s a real family thing were we all help each other for the greater good.

Do you do any other sports?

My busy schedule doesn’t really let do any other sport actively. Plus I like to concentrate on one thing, because there is a saying that you are either good at one sport or you are average at more. I keep fit in the gym, because drifting is physically demanding. You have to move around 20 wheels and tires and each of them is 20 kilos, so if you’re not fit you can easily get injured without even being in the car.

I don‘t leave home without at least 1 can of Monster Energy Mega

Which is your favorite Monster Energy drink?

Monster Energy Assault, but I don‘t leave home without at least 1 can of Monster Energy Mega Original.

Is there something interesting that will happen for you this year?

We are working on an interesting project with other Monster Energy athletes, but I can‘t say more about it at the moment.