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ROG Finals 10 is the final event of  the biggest Czech gaming series


Jul 212016

Svitavy gaming chapel Fabrika hosted jubilee tenth RoG FINALS. Unique game show with projection on the screen traditionally visited hundreds of fans on site and tens of thousands of spectators on the two-day stream. Historically for the first time, the whole event focused only on team games Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends played by the best current local teams. Who finally enjoyed the coveted trophy and got the king’s place at the Czech throne?

Fourth season of the currently most popular shooting game was full of interesting moments from the start. The main part has been exciting and order of players was changing until the last moments. In the end, eXtatus, eSuby, Inside Games and eEriness advanced to the FINALS. Both semi-final duels in Svitavy carried in the same vein and favourites in them dominated as expected. In fact, you could say that the results were reflected from the base part, which was also reflected in the conclusion of the tournament. The duel for third place was dominated by fighters from eEriness, who defeated Inside Games. In the finale, then eXtatus finally, after three gruelling maps beated eSuba.


Final Results

1st place: Czech Republic eXtatus

2nd place: Slovakia eSuba

3rd place: Czech Republic eeriness

4th place: Czech Republic Inside Games

Neither the League of Legends was clear in advance, as no one knew how is the competition going to develop. Due to frequent changes in configurations of individual units and fluctuating performances the order varied wildly. In the end, the strongest teams went to finals as expected and Svitavy witnessed battles between eSuba vs Dark Tigers and Fraternitas vs eXtatus. In both cases won the first appointed teams and we were witnesses of really racy battle, which was in the end won by eXtatus.


Final Results

1st place: Czech Republic Fraternitas

2nd place: Czech Republic eSuba

3rd place: Czech Republic eXtatus

4th place: Czech Republic Dark Tigers