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Practice shots from DarkFest

We met Adolf Silva at RoyalFEST

Aug 242018

Tell us about the Royal Fest and how it’s gonna be different from the other ones?

I guess what’s different from the other ones it’s like we have like a moto options like first moto fast line, motocross chat and all this stuff so. It’s not like we can only ride bikes. We can ride moto right there and have a couple of night session at the evening with the bikes.

You were saying earlier that the freeride moto is kind of different of what you’re used to the FMX stand you’re used coming back home. How does this freeride moto stuff different and how do you find it challenging?

Basically the moto stuff we ride at home is always the same, it’s always the same ramp and my choice is the same speed and same setup everywhere and these jumps are just… Every jump is different, every jump is different speed there’s no metal, no metal ramps at all. It’s just, every jump is a whole different story like bike riding I guess.

How do you prepare a 100 foot jump you’ve never jumped before? Do you watch other guys taking it?

I pretty much do some run ups to see it then I kind of see if I would make it or not. If there’s someone else riding it even tho there are different motos you can see their speed. And since we’re used to bikes we don’t have the sand like with the motos we can follow someone and it doesn’t have to be the same moto wich is liked judged by the speed they have. So just by watching I can kind of figure out

As you’ll ride your MTB just after your moto what is it like to switch from one to another? What changes do you have to make like mentally endorse the way you’re going to ride?

Of course on the moto there’s the gas, it’s way heavier and all that. But it’s not that big of a difference with a downhill bike. Of course it is but the riding is a lot similar. Riding big jumps on big bikes is basically the same on motos and big jumps on motos. So the suspension and the gas and the position of your feet changes but once you get used to this it’s not that bad.

Can you describe those mountain bike courses that Nico has built and do you like it or not?

We start at the top there are like 3 different options: you can go either ways in the trees and there’s a couple of doubles and then you can separate again into two different options so you can go to an on/off thing and jump on to like a table and then you bounce off like 15 m which is probably one of my favorite things and then you just keep going a couple more doubles and then you can either go into the big shark fin, lasts two big jumps or you can go straight do more like into a shark fin and do the last big hip. And there’s a couple of other lines on the top as well with a big double, bumps another little shark fin more doubles… It’s like full of playful stuff, really fun!

What’s the vibes like? What kind of crew are at the fest?

It’s a different crew that what we always have, but a good crew, good people and everyone is riding super hard so it’s fun!

And if you want to get a quick preview of what the man can do freeriding his motorbike, here you go: