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2018 Dreamhack in Tours, France wrap-up

We met with EnvyUs Jordan Savelli @ Dreamhack Tours, France

May 282018

So, Jordan can you introduce yourself and describe your role at EnvyUs ?

My name is Jordan Savelli, I’m 26 and I’m CSGO team manager at EnvyUs. And I also care about the European part with Fifa, Rocket League, Street Fighter and Envy Academy.

How did you get there?

By the easiest and non-formal way: I started to play CS 12 or 13 years ago and well, I realized I wasn’t that good as a player. What I did like was managing humans. So I decided to get more in this direction. For a while I was an unpaid volunteer. I was doing it as a bonus to my job or my studies… Until 2014 when I was crowned world champion with a female team on CS at SWC and with all my contacts on January I was contacted by a big French team, still on CS offering “we’re about to join Envy and we need a qualified manager. We’d like it to be you” I got the shot and since I’m there!

In your opinion, what are the important skills for a team manager?

Important skills are patience, a lot of patience because you’re dealing with humans and humans who are not always easy to deal with. They’re pretty young and most of them never worked “in real life”. So patience, pedagogy and passion I’d say. To be passionate about what you’re doing because there a lot of ungrateful moments but it’s so awesome and grateful to see those players achieve their potential doing what they love… So being passionate and being a good support: never cave in in front of the players and make them realize they have a solid pillar they can rely on when something doesn’t work

What did you think about this Dreamhack? Is there a particular enthusiasm when you play in France?

Obviously! I love to play in France, fans are incredible, there’s a special atmosphere, noise… Ususally when we play abroad it’s more about the other teams, depends of the countries. When you see a final in the US, you know any US team will be supported. So, when we’re in France and we have the French crowd with us, it pushes us and gives us the will to be better. And when we lose, unfortunately, it’s also good to have some consolation. For me a Dreamhack is always special particularly in France.

From years to years now, we can see esport considerably growing, there are more and more events in France and abroad, dedicated Tv shows on national Tv etc. What do you think about that and how do you see the next 5/10 years?

These are two different things. But whatever, it’s a good thing because it shows our world to “older people” who are not from this generation that you can have fun without going outside, you can have fun without being antisocial or something like this. In 5/10 years… According to the studies it will be the same level as Formula 1 speaking about budgets etc. So pretty huge and for the big competitions if you compare to the US, I’d say it will be like the MLB or close. I hope it will be like this. It’s not the biggest US sport but still followed a lot so… I do hope it gets real. I guess it will become more and more professional and structured maybe with cities like on Overwatch League there are cities linked to… teams created in relation to a city…

Like NBA/NFL franchises?

Exactly! Envy is linked to the Dallas Fuel so the QG are in Dallas and I guess this is the esport future: a more established circuit and cities linked to structure to have, let’s call it a kind of patriotism to federate more fans.

And to conclude, do you like to see esport at the Olympics? Looks like there’s already a debate

There are already debates and already an Olympic stop for Starcraft 2 and another game… People are debating. For me it is not necessary to be at the Olympics. Indeed, be part of the Olympics is incredible and I’d be proud to do it but it’s not an end in itself. We don’t need the Olympics to have recognition. All we built in esport from the beginning has been against wind and tides. Everybody told us we were geeks, antisocial people etc. and now, I don’t want that money and media coverage win against our values. So if we can do it and if the Olympics are interested to have us, that’s a good thing, but for me, not an end in itself.