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Mar 222022

Welcome to the Monster Family Arthur Brauner! Since 2020, Arthur has been causing a sensation far beyond the borders of Vienna with his barber shop under the name "Roots and Razors". Ten years ago, however, he could hardly have dreamed that he would one day become one of the hippest barbers in town. We spoke with him about his life, his passion and the future. Enjoy!

"Back then I wasn’t happy with my barber, so a friend joked about getting into it myself."

Where do you come from/How did you grow up?

I am originally from Vienna, lived a few years in Salzburg and a year in Berlin. I grew up in a humble middleclass househould, but never was the average kid my family expected me to be. From the moment I saw tattooed people, I knew I identified with them. In my teenage years, when I started to discover punk, hardcore and metal at school, it also solidified my point of view in a political way. Till this day I have remained faithful to the political attitude as well as to the subculture itself. Over the years it became my 2nd home and family. The people I have met this way and the connections I made are the best thing that could ever happen to me.

What got you into barbering?

I had a long path of different jobs after I finished my first apprenticeship as a cook and waiter. After a long journey of try and error I got into barbering more or less tru a joke. Back then I wasn’t happy with my barber, so a friend joked about getting into it myself. Back then I was on a path to nowhere, didn’t knew what to do or whats gonna be next in a job perspective way. It cought me when I started to look into this world, sucked me in and never let me go since then. I tried to get a job as an apprentice at different hairsalons but everybody rejected me cause I wasn’t 16 anymore. so I looked up different ways to get where I wanted togo and ended up in a hairdressing school in Vienna. within a year I learned the skills and perfected it at the first barbershop I worked at. my colleague back then, paz ( co-owner of the flat), moved back from the uk and showed me everything I needed to know. When I met Paul Hewitt for the first time in 2015 at a tattoo convention in Leipzig I got hooked more cause I saw that guestspots would be possible like tattoo artists do it around the world. That’s something I really love about my job.

Do you have any role models?

I would say I got many, but if its about barbers and people in the industry itself I have to name Paul Hewitt, Shane Nesbitt and Brad Cowan. What I admire most about all three of them, is the fact that they have good business ( or 2 or 3 haha ) running and still handle their family in such a great way. They are humble and always down to meet and welcome new people to the barberfamily so I can only try to reach that level they already have.

Favourite locations/events where you worked at?

One of my most favourite locations I worked at was brighton tattoo convention. the city itself is so cool and relaxed and the convention is superorganized and the team I worked there with was supernice. also being able to work in Sweden with andrè was an super experience. Having him at my shop too and the people I met tru that is so cool. jimmy who just moved from the u.s. to Vienna is a person I would have never met if it wasn’t for the fact that I worked abroad.

"My biggest goal is to get my shop full and running with nice people around me and be the best boss I could possible be for my employees."

Top three people you gave a cut to?

No.1, as a hardcore-kid that I am, was scott vogel from terror, but I have to say in general all the people I cutted at or around shows was always a lot of fun. No.2 & No.3 I would have to put together cause it was 12 people after a show in Vienna. it was the band Benchpress and Gone To Waste on tour and I cut nearly all of them that night.

What does it mean to you being a part of the Monster Family now?

It’s a new beginning with new directions, a lot of possibilities and the best way to get to know more new cool people that have the same way of living like I do. I cant wait to be part of the monster family, work at events, concerts and represent this company in general.

What do you like to do aside from barbering?

Aside from barbering I started to redo my Harley last year. I rent a little garage in Vienna with some friends and it’s a cool hangout spot too. next to the garage is a rehearsal room and friends of mine rehearse there too. So music and bikes are a big part of my life. last but not least I just got a dog couple of weeks ago, so it’s a lot about walking outside and hiking around Vienna with my girlfriend.

What do you wish for the future / Any goals?

My biggest goal is to get my shop full and running with nice people around me and be the best boss I could possible be for my employees. I think I am on a good path with that right now, but not there yet. a wish for sure is getting to meet new cool people and experience new adventures with my friends and family. travel a lot and maybe finally get over the big sea. I always wanted to travel to the u.s. so I think its about time haha. in general iam pretty happy with my life right now, but you never know whats gonna happen.

Where can people find you for a cut?

You can find me at “Roots & Razors” at Lerchenfelderstrasse 139, 1070 Vienna or at some events in the future like SBÄM Fest in July in Linz.