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Images from the Margaret River Pro event in West Australia

What to Expect at the Margaret River Pro 2022

Apr 262022

There was a time when the eyes of the collective surf community would roll when the WSL went back to “The West.” A.K.A Western Australia, or, more specifically, Margaret River. Not that it wasn’t exciting. It was. The raw power of the ocean in that part of the world is enough to make the hairs of your neck stand tall. But, given that it falls in the beginning or middle of the year, the stakes never felt high enough to make you really care. No longer. With the WSL implementing the controversial mid-year cut, in which the lowest-ranked 12 men and 6 women will be knocked off the tour, the stakes could not be higher. This contest, to be held either at Main Break or Box, will be the last chance for many to keep their spot, or watch their colleagues continue to G-Land without them. We’re starting to get butterflies.


The 2022 Margaret River Pro runs from April 24 to May 4. Tune in to WSL to cheer on the Monster team.



Filipe Toledo: He got second two comps ago and first in the last one. Guy’s on fire. He’ll be wearing the yellow jersey at Margies and, would you believe it’s his favorite color?

Seth Moniz: The open-ocean feel of Margaret River will remind Seth of Hawaiian waters. Look for a big result here.

Griffin Colapinto: Safely above the mid-year cut line but drifting away from that final five, Griff’s looking to prove that his Portugal win was no fluke.

Conner Coffin: Currently sitting juuust on the wrong side of the cut line, Conner’s got one last opportunity to kickstart his season. But we’re not worried. He kicks hard.

Bettylou Sakura Johnson: While she’s currently sitting 17th, she’s entering an event that features a wave as much like her home break of Haleiwa as any other spot on tour. We can’t wait to see Bettylou swing for the fences, here.

Three Questions


Are we losing anyone after this mid-year cut? The biggest risks are with Conner and Betty, but we’ve seen them be clutch too many times to really be sweating.


How’s the forecast? It’s looking pretty good, actually. Expect the comp to start running in the first few days of the event window.


Can we talk about the elephant in the room? Oh, by elephant you mean shark, don’t you? They’re around, but with the jet skis, drones, and boats keeping an eye out for them, our team is in safe hands out there.