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Suicidal Tendencies Concert in Milan

What will Monster Energy bring you this year at Jera On Air?

Jun 122017

Jera On Air is about to kick off again and like every previous year, we’re looking forward to another edition of the Dutch punk- and corefestival in Ysselsteijn! Maybe even a bit more than ever; Jera On Air will celebrate their 25th birthday and that means they’ll treat you with a lot of extras. A packed line-up and more festival for your buck, that is what they- and we mean by that.

From Thursdaynight the 22nd until Sundaymorning the 25th of June, you’ll be well done with many different area’s, different styles of music and most of all, a lot of partying in the small town in Limburg, the Netherlands. Because we love to celebrate with them, Monster Energy will be attending the event again this year and we took some time to sum up our personal highlights for the weekend:


While She Sleeps

This British formation is one you definitely shouldn’t miss if you’re into metalcore. The five-headed band plays metalcore exactly like you’d want them to; hard, fast and mean but still very thoroughly composed and clean. That’s what makes While She Sleeps such a successful act within the genre and their latest album You Are We proves no less, each time we listen to it. Check them out on Friday, June 23 on the Impericon Mainstage, from 7PM to 7:50PM!


Suicidal Tendencies

What a band. If there’s only a tiny little bit of hardcore knowledge in you, you have got to know Suicidal Tendencies and probably listened to their music once or twice as well. If not, we’ve got your homework right here: on Friday, June 23, between 10:10PM and 11PM, you’ll attend the Impericon Mainstage. Preferably right in the middle, five rows from the front. Don’t be afraid to mosh and let these heroes hijack your hearing!



Madball is another one of those huge names in the hardcore genre that should be considered a group of heroes, at least. Just a bit younger than Suicidal Tendencies but if you’d ask us, not at all any less interesting! With their last album Hardcore Lives they prove, like the title clarifies, that hardcore is still very much alive. And they will undoubtedly keep it alive and kicking during their show on Jera On Air, Saturdaynight between 11:05PM and 11:55PM on the Second Stage.


DJ Winchester

On Thursdaynight during the preparty and on Fridaynight in the Cathedral Of Chaos, you’ll be able to witness DJ Winchester. He’s not alone; this year he’s bringing out the other half of his Knockout Collective and together, they will perform two entirely different shows on these two different nights. Did somebody ask for a party? We’re sure you’ll be sorted!


Signing sessions

While She Sleeps will be attending a signing session on Friday at 3:30PM, at the Impericon stand on the festival terrain. Madball will be there on Saturday from 7PM, also for a signing session. You’d better start looking for something to be signed!


BMX shows

We’re bringing out a big miniramp this year, on which team #Genieten, a BMX team led by DTX13, will be giving eight BMX shows. These riders aren’t familiar with vertigo and will prove that during their shows, combined with crazy tricks and musically led by DJ Winchester!


Tattoo booth

Stay Classy, the infamous tattoo shop in Schiedam that we’ve been supporting for years, will be attending Jera On Air to get you all tatted up in the Monster Energy area. Make sure to get there on time, in order to go home with an eternal souvenir!


Monster Energy chillout area

Next to the tattoo booth, we’re setting up a chillout area where you can take a breath in-between your favorite bands. Feel free to join us and relax in our beanbags with a view over our miniramp, the tattoo booth and all the rest of the festival terrain!