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Wheels of fortune

Oct 042016

As the season has come to an end, we sat down with guys from Fail Crew for a short chat... Read the short interview with Max and Arkady below.

How can you describe your 2016 season?


Arkady: Everything was in a positive way. Also I’ve had a chance to take a part in various drift events and it was good, a lot of friends, good mood and great atmosphere.


Max: It was sick to get back into the groove with my Rocket Boss and fight against best pilots on the track. That was a kick!


What you feel about all of this drift madness?


Arkady: Feel great about my participation in the West region. There is nothing to add about RDS Siberia than it was sick as always!!


Max: We did a lot of improvements with my RocketBoss, it took us almost half of the season. But I had 3 proper races and took team podium with Arkady. So, I feel great and confident.


What you think about next season? Ready?


Arkady: Ready to take a part in every stage of RDS West and feeling confident in our ability to be on podium more often. Can’t wait for the next season!


Max: Feel exited, ready for a proper battle, and we will show you something that will blow your mind, but you have to wait a bit. Shall we?