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pictures taken at IntelliigentStrength (das GYM) during a training session with Nasty who were playing at Impericon Festival Vienna


Apr 302019

Intelligent Strength (also known as DAS GYM) is said to be the best gym in the world. And who would be better suited to check this assumption, then the guys from Nasty, who are not only an awesome band, but also know their stuff when it comes to working out; giving the fact that they have been to gyms all around the world. 

So while the guys where in Vienna, for the Impericon Festival, we arranged a personalised training session for them. And after they caught their breath talked to them about the importance of workout within their lives. Check out their session and interview below. 

"Working out is necessary for us, it keeps us in balance."

You just finished a pretty intense training session – how are doing?

Paddy: Pretty good!

Sounds like you really needed that workout today?

Matthi: I have to say; a good workout is more of a power-up while we are on tour. It´s easy to fall in a state of lethargy, staying in a narrow bunk bed all night on the bus, having the same routine every day. It´s nice to find a good gym and activate your whole body again.

You have been on tour for 2 weeks. Is that the limit to go without a workout?

Paddy: That limit has been reached sooner! As Matthi mentioned: sometimes we spend more than 10 hours on the bus, you can´t do anything except sit or lie around. When we hit the gym, it is not easy to get our bodies out of the rut, but it´s good and necessary.  Nash: And it is something we do together. Not only hanging out in the venue together. Trying a new gym, experiencing something new and working out together is nice.  Paddy: When we arrive in a new venue, we check out if there is a gym nearby and whether or not we can fit a workout session in our schedule, because we do everything on our own (setup, soundcheck) that can be hard to manage.

It seems that working out has a really high priority for you?

Paddy: yes, it is super important to us. It´s necessary and keeps us in balance.

Does the training keep you fit for your performance on stage?

Matthi: on the long run – sure! Of course you use some energy during your training, but it is important to keep fit. You can see this in other bands, who spend a lot of time on tour and don´t take care of their bodies. After some time they get issues with their backs. You sit or lie around all day, waiting to have your 50 minutes of action, then you hang around some more.

"I have never seen such a variety and perfection regarding equipment before."

What kind of workout do you prefer personally?

Paddy: I am a fan of powerlifting, I really like that. I am not the biggest cardio fan, as you may see (laughs). I am naturally strong, and I want to build on that and improve my technique to make the most of my potential. That was really great during the session today.  Nash: I do everything cardio related – so the exact opposite. I also do heavy weights if I have no other choice. But I am the one in our band who prefers a run over a gym session. But I did not want to miss out on an opportunity like today. I trained a little different then the guys, but still together.  Matthi: with me it changes all the time. Sometimes I want to build strength, the have quick strength and reflexes, then I do martial arts. It is hard to decide for me: if I gain weight and muscle I feel to massive, then I reduce it and feel to skinny. But in general, sport is essential for me.

You really seemed stoked about the Intelligent Strength gym?

Paddy: for sure! It is really hard to find something similar in our region. You have a lot of gym chains, the standard crap. On tour we never find something like this! It is really special.  Matthi: We need to say, we have been to gyms all around the world. From Japan to the US, also in really exclusive outlets. But I have never seen such a variety and perfection regarding equipment before. The best of the best for any need plus a chill-room, plus a posing room, plus things I have never seen in my entire life. The atmosphere is honest, everyone knows why they are there and what they want to accomplish. I´m really stoked and still a little flabbergasted to have trained in the best gym in the world.

Something totally different: when you come home from tour, what are you looking forward to the most?

Matthi, Nash, Paddy (in unison): family!  Matthi: we don’t have a lot of time, we need to be in the studio, a lot of work needs to be done.  Paddy: We don’t have a bad time while we are on tour. We have a great time together. But home is home.

Want to experience Intelligent Strength for yourself? Check out their website or get a taste on their Instagram (note - we guarantee entertainment here!!).

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