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WILDWAYS: Toli Wild exclusive interview

Sep 142018

September 14th WILDWAYS is releasing their new “DAY X” album worldwide. We’ve got a chance to speak with the band’s front man Toli Wild in his exclusive interview for

music should be more than just a rocking tune in your head, it should unleash your emotions

How did Wildways start?

It all started 350 km from Moscow in a small town named Bryansk. This is a typical Russian city and probably this played a big role in our success. We were bored as hell and with all the desire it was almost impossible to do something outrageous. Therefore, we didn’t party that much and most of our time we spent playing with the band. It all started in 2009, and it was not something that we took seriously at the beginning.

How does a song get born? Do you write all together or on your own?

Usually Denis , our guitarist starts to write the instrumental part using the Guitar Pro program – it is popular in Russia, even though musicians worldwide haven’t heard about it. When it turns into a whole arrangement, we put the voice part on it. So at first we record the instrumental part, then comes the electronic effects and at the end I end up with vocal parts and text.

When you were growing up, who influenced you to develop your musicality?

For sure I was influenced by Linkin Park a lot. Even then I realized that that was a new wave, comparing to most of the bands my friends listened to. Bit later, when rock became the hottest trend, I followed the Russian band AMATORY as their #1 fan!

What would your own tour line-up be like?


Any gigs coming up?

We’re releasing the new “DAY X “ album. This fall gets the second part of our “DAY X “tour supporting it. Must say it’s going to be something huge covering 5 countries in Europe and Asia. The full Tour calendar is available on

What American band would you perform with in Russia and why?

As I Lay Dying - fathers of metalcore

Any stereotypes about the Russian metal stage that you wish to brake?

I think people know nothing about Russian metal , to have any prejudices about it. To mention, rock music in Russia is way too far from the top charts.

What you do for fun offstage?

Personally, I like to travel - if I had more time I would go anywhere, as much as possible.

How was it recording with Cameron Mizell in the U.S

Recording our first album in the States with Cameron, we’ve learned a lot. Many technical and creative secrets got unveiled. We saw how music is recorded overseas and proudly brought this experience to Russia. Besides, our communication with Cameron is something unique. No matter how professional he is, if we had no chemistry between us, the emotions wouldn’t be that strong. Working with Cameron is always the fun part.

You have the Doomsday concept in your album, does the songs relate

Within 12 songs, I tried to show the feelings the person experiences if he finds out that has only 30 days left. I believe that even knowing that the end of the world is near - each of us will continue his personal struggles , not thinking globally. For such a short period you are unlikely to find the meaning of life, but you can probably manage to solve some of your stupid mistakes.

What’s Day X main target?

Sold outs! Of course I would like to declare myself on the European and American scenes somehow, but unfortunately it's hard to accomplish yet. We negotiated with a label that was interested in signing us for international publishing with the necessary advertising support and promotion opportunities, but unfortunately they refused the agreement at the last moment. Meanwhile we ‘re carrying on our own. We have already conquered a significant part of the scene in Russia, and now we wish to move further!

How would you describe the album Day X in ONE word?

Cold. To me the album is pretty depressing and cold - I don’t know how to explain it, maybe it’s a part of Russia’s average dull weather. The blue color on the cover describes it the best way.

What’s Day X main message for the fans?

What’s important for me, is for our songs to reach out our fans minds and souls . I think that music should be more than just a rocking tune in your head, it should unleash your emotions.

WILDWAYS new album "DAY X" is available on ITunes starting from September 14th 

DAY X TOUR  starts - October 12 - November 18, 2018

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