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Will Jackways snowboarding in New Zealand

Will Jackways: The Winter Warrior

Jul 062018

Some people are just naturally good athletes. Being that both of his parents were New Zealand physical education teachers, it makes sense that Will Jackways would be one of these people. Jackways grew up playing and loving rugby, golf, cricket, basketball and skating, but the one sport that truly captured his heart was snowboarding. He started boarding in 1997, making the venture to the nearby Cardrona Resort to perfect the craft. As he improved, he moved on to New Zealand’s Kiwi backcountry, something that’s earned him the beloved status as a true “Kiwi snowboarder.”

Jackways’ persistence in the snow has more than paid off. He’s won numerous X Games titles, yet his most prestigious accomplishment is arguably winning the 2012 World Heli Challenge. Will’s other notable accomplishments include wins at Monster Energy’s Ruckus in the Rockies and the NZ Backed Slalom.

Born in Wellington, Jackways now considers Wanaka as home – but he only spends about half the year there. The other half of the year, he’s a world away, boarding in the Whistler backcountry of British Columbia. And though Jackways’ success on the mountain speaks for itself, he also boasts numerous other accomplishments. There’s his family, of course (which includes his wife, three-time Heli World Challenge champion Abby Jackways). There’s also the numerous snowboarding films and magazines that he’s appeared in. Additionally, he’s spent considerable time boarding in Japan, a country he refers to as his “second home.” He's even fluent in Japanese.

To New Zealanders, Jackways is a winter sports legend. But there’s so much more that defines him than just shredding on the mountains. Check out "Bento" below to get a flavour of what he's all about!