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Images of Tai Woffinden's world championship win at the Torun SGP


Oct 072018

Tai Woffinden is officially the youngest man ever to win three Speedway world titles, and he did it the only way he knows how – with drama, shredded nerves and ultimately, victory.

Not only did he claim his third world crown in front of his rival’s home crowd in Poland, but he did it with what he thinks is a broken foot and by winning the event itself too. All in a night’s work for Woffinden.

He needed 12 points on the night to seal the deal and it was going according to plan right up until he ploughed into the safety fence at scarily high speed in his third race. 20,000 fans silenced, 20,000 hearts in mouths and an eerie silence punctured only by panic. Surely he couldn't throw it away?

Well Tai's fans didn't need to panic. He got up, raised a smile, dusted himself down and went on to clinch the title in his semi-final race, beating title rival Bartosz Zmarzlik in the process. That’s winning the Woffinden way.

Barely able to walk, he somehow managed to climb aboard his machine one last time and take a stunning tapes-to-flag win in the final to win his second GP in a row.

As he sat down in the immediate aftermath, he sunk into his seat and uttered two words you probably wouldn’t expect from a man who has just climbed to the top of his sport’s mountain; “I’m f***ed.”


He continued: “I feel good, of course. It’s been a long season and a tough one, I have been chased all year and I always prefer to be the one doing the chasing really. A lot of people crumble under that pressure but I didn’t tonight and I got it done.


“I had a couple of hard meetings and my form tapered off a bit, I’m convinced that nobody can ride that hard and that fast all of the time. It’s not possible. Most people start good and end badly or you start badly and end well, you see it every year but I was pretty consistent all year.


“You know it’s funny because I couldn’t tell you why I’ve won this world title. I don’t know how I did it, just like I didn’t with the two before. You go and ask any of the guys who have won it and they’ll say the same, you don’t know how it comes together but it does and it all just clicks into place. When it happens it happens.


“Obviously there’s parts of me that made it, but really I just accumulated points all season and I’ve ended up on top, it’s a ridiculous feeling. I’ve done it now and I can enjoy it for a bit before planning next season because I want to retain it."

We’ll have an exclusive in-depth feature with Tai live on this week so keep your eyes peeled.


Enjoy the time off, champ!