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James Woods competing at the European Open in Laax, Switzerland


Mar 102016

James ‘Woodsy’ Woods is back with an epic fully blown action edit. No frills, no fluff, this edit is an all out showcase of Woodsy’s undisputed talent. Making stylish rail riding look like a walk in the park, Woodsy has upped his game, demonstrating back to back left and right double 10’s and is now working on both left and right triples. Filmer Ross Welch was stoked on the outcome, ‘my favourite shot would be super hard to say! I really like the cork 7 where I follow over the jump. Woodsy is super hard working to be the best he can be and is always super focused. The edit is just an old school to the point, action filled showcase of the week. People used to make edits for fun so I think Woodsy just wanted to follow sui’ We caught up with Woodsy to see what he has been up to of late: How has this season been so far for you? You have been competing all over the world? Another fantastic season, it`s always just the best to be skiing all the time and of course an honour to be part of the whole world tour! There has definitely been some tough times with results, a lot of 4ths and 5ths for me this season but as I say it`s just incredible to be here and riding at the very top level :) What have you been up to in Breck?  I had such a great start to the winter in Breckenridge, definitely really grateful to be able to spend a good chunk of time there between Dew Tour and X Games, riding such a good park everyday! Have you been working on anything new? Are you working towards any new tricks or comps?  Always! That`s why this game is so great for me because you`re always chasing something. I mean contests I obviously always want to do as well as I possibly can and track how well I`m skiing next to the rest of the world. Although the main thing for me is to carry on pushing my tricks to highest level I can. We`re all evolving with the sport at the moment, the sky is literally the limit as no one knows how far and crazy these tricks we are doing will go. What are your Plans for this summer? Ski as much as I can basically, I`ll fit in a surf trip somewhere but other than that I`ll be chasing the snow!  You have just been to the Olympic test event in Pyeongchang - how was that? The course was pretty mental – has this got you hyped for things to come?  I`m really impressed with how well South Korea put on the whole event, everything seemed to be really smooth and the people were lovely. The most important thing for me is always the slopestyle and honestly it really was on point. They did a brilliant job of mixing up the features, making them big and really adding to the creativity of slopestyle rather than the same old.Plans for the rest of the season? Business as usual, ski with my friends as much as possible. Any other updates?  I am really excited for this new edit, I hope everyone enjoys it. It`s great for me to get in front of the lense as I usually am just too hyped to concentrate on filming. So hopefully this is a good sign of things to come - enjoy! :)