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Woodsy - MY RIDE

Mar 232018

Whilst taking a break from slushy park laps at Slvsh, we took the chance to catch up with UK pro skier James Woods.

Fresh back from a hell run at the Olympics that saw him lay down two triple 16’s in his slope finals run; we wanted to know what the set up was that allows him to crush the biggest of slope courses and then bring his rail game to the park for an event like Slvsh.


What are the ski’s that you’re riding this year Woodsy?

The Solomon NFX, they’re new, they’re really good, they’re white and rose. It’s my favourite thing.

And that’s the current model available for purchase?


Is there anything else to note about the ski’s that you have a preference for?

They’re a very strong ski. They’ve got a nice camber and a nice side cut. They ski really really well. that’s my main thing, I like to ski fast, I like to carve and ski the whole mountain. I don’t want a floppy park ski. I want something that’s going to charge with me and then particularly on big jumps and big tricks, something I can actually trust. Maybe I sacrifice a little bit of the fun but the big picture for me a good ski that I can carve and I can ski around the whole mountain with.


Salomon again, STH2. They’re a solid binding, the only one I trust to be honest. I’ve grown up on the driver binding from Salomon for 15 years now so I don’t trust anything else and I haven’t had any problems with these in my whole time. I’m confident in them.


Let’s talk about your pro-line clothing

Planks! Yeah, we’ve got the Woodsy signature series, I’m very proud of it. I’ve been working with Planks since they first started. They’re friends of mine from the UK. Just a couple of years ago I decided to get back with them and do a whole Woodsy signature series. It’s kind of crazy. I like the big pants, cargo pockets. The hoodie, the first thing I said way back in the day when I first saw the logo was “that to me looks just like the peace sign fingers”. They didn’t like that *laughs*. I sort of brought that right back when I had a bit of creative input,so we made that and that’s kind of been the theme for everything. We have a jacket and a pullover jacket as well.

Do you enjoy the process?

I do. I like having creative input because everything’s very specific. I’m big into everything I do is an art. So much more comes into it than just what you do. It’s a wicked, wicked thing. The clothing, the music that you put your skiing, just everything that accumulates to being your style and the way that your skiing is perceived and the way that you are perceived too. thing main thing I love about it is that each of the pieces all fit together nicely, that’s what I like. It’s not a suit but it all fits just right.

And how about SunGod eyewear?

Woodsy signature series, what can I say. It’s a transcendent brand, it’s like… similar to Planks to go from a big brand with not a lot of input, to a small brand with a major cut. But for creativity… I’ve got these pieces with my name on it now, it solidifies the woodsy brand and maybe it’s a cut directly. I think in general it’s a good thing. The good thing about SunGod is that they are so keen to do everything. All of the ideas I have, they value it and they take note of every single thing. It’s just a constant progression with SunGod, it’s wicked.