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Images from the 2018 Czech Republic Grand Prix in Prague


May 272018

The double world champ looked untouchable leading up to the final and you’d have been mad to bet against him winning a second consecutive GP – until he ran in to Swedish shredder Freddie Lindgren that is.

Not literally, although it was close. All four riders were fighting for the same bit of track on the opening lap and Lindgren ran Woffinden to the fence and left him with nowhere to go, forcing the British man to shut off so much that he had to pull out of the race completely.

An angry Woffinden then had to watch Lindgren go on and win the race as he pulled off an awesome last-bend move to squeeze past Patryk Dudek, but he was in no mood to hand out praise.

“I didn’t make the best start in the final and found a good bit of pace in the middle of the track and got myself into a decent position, then obviously Lindgren saw me and tried to just run into me.


“The referee said I was in the wrong spot at the wrong time, I don’t even know what that means to be honest. But he was a Swedish referee and Freddie is a Swedish rider, so I think we can all make our own minds up about that one. It wasn’t the way I wanted to end my night but I have to put it in the past now, but I wasn’t happy with it.


“It’s nice to be in second overall, it’s a long season and we’ve got eight rounds to go. There’s a lot of different race tracks to come and it’s just about keeping my head down and focusing on the next race. It doesn’t matter if you win on the night, it matters where you are at the end of the season and I got a lot of points to take home with me so it’s all good.”


You get the feeling, though, that this isn’t one Woffinden will forget in a hurry…