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Jarryd McNeil riding in McNeil Farm, CA

X Games Sit Down With Jarryd McNeil

Jul 132018

Monster Energy sat down with Jarryd McNeil to discuss the upcoming 2018 X Games in Minneapolis, Minnesota and get a feel for what it takes to compete on the biggest stage.


Name, Age, Where Are You From, What Events Are You Competing In?

Jarryd McNeil, 26, Born in Kerang Australia, Step Up, Best Whip, Quarter Pipe

How many X Games have you attended? When/where was your first one? 

I've attended 8 and medaled 9 times, my first was LA 2010.

In your own thoughts, what makes being invited to X Games so different from other competitions? 

For us action sports riders its the olympics of our sport, especially growing up in Australia as a kid we dream about going to X Games!

Other than competing, what are you most excited to see/do at X Games?  

Watching my mates compete in other events like BMX Big Air Kurtis Downs, FMX Best Trick Jacko Strong, Levi Sherwood, Rob Adelberg.

What’s your mindset as you prepare for X Games?

Just buckle down and practice as much as possible!

Any special training for the event? 

Nothing really special just run through the motions and make sure I feel comfortable on the ramps.

Do you ever have free time during the X Games? If so what do you do to pass the time?

Not a lot of free time at X Games with 3 events, media and sponsors signings its pretty full on.

Will any of your family/friends be coming out with you to X Games?

My Family won't make it to America this year but will be at Sydney Australia to support me but I will have my GF Kelsey and mechanic John there which is great!!

Is there anyone in specific that you want to see/watch at X Games?

Can't wait to see Ryan Williams he is finally getting a chance to compete in X Games BMX big air.

Are there any competitors you’re worried about/got your eye on?

Them all they are all in X Games because they are the best at what they do!!

Is your bike dialed in? Do you have to make specific adjustments for specific events?

Bikes are dialed!! Im riding two different bikes the Yamaha YZ450f for step up and the Yamaha YZ250 for best whip and quarter pipe.

What’s more important, the takeoff or landing?

You have to go up to come down lol so take off is important but land is also just as important because you have to ride away.

How fast are you guys hitting the ramps out there?

Don't have a speedo!!

What’s the go to pre-competition meal?

Wish I could eat thats the hardest part about competing "nerves”.

What’s your walk up song?

Anything Rise Against!

Growing up, did you ever think you would one day be in the X Games?

Has always a dream to be in America at X Games but never thought it would actually become reality! Dreams do come true!

Any new projects in the works?

Always working on new projects at the McNeil Farm.

What’s the rest of 2018 look like for you?

Nitro Circus touring America and Europe, Nitro world games, X Games Sydney and spending time at home.

Who would you thank for getting you to X Games?

I’d really like to thank Cam Sinclair, Blake “Bilko” Williams, Travis Pastrana and Mum and Dad.

You gonna send it? 

Always gonna sent it!!

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