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Action from Proryv festival 2018 in Moscow

X Games Sit Down With Josh Sheehan

Jul 132018

Monster Energy sat down with Josh Sheehan to discuss the upcoming 2018 X Games in Minneapolis, Minnesota and get a feel for what it takes to compete on the biggest stage.


Name, Age, Where Are You From, What Events Are You Competing In?

Josh Sheehan, 32, Donnybrook Australia, I’m in FMX Freestyle, Best Trick and Best Whip.

How many X Games have you attended? When/where was your first one? 

2011 was my first one in LA. Got a bronze for a double flip in best trick then dislocated my shoulder and damaged tendons in my ankle the next day in my FMX run.

In your own thoughts, what makes being invited to X Games so different from other competitions?

X Games feels like the Olympics of our action sports. It’s the pinnacle for us so it means a lot!

Other than competing, what are you most excited to see/do at X Games?

Finish. It’s always exciting and so relaxing when you do finish and can chill out for a bit!

What’s your mindset as you prepare for X Games?

Get as comfortable as I can with everything so I can give it all I’ve got with confidence.

Any special training for the event?

Lots of riding, foam pit work, gym work and dealing with winter weather!

Do you ever have free time during the X Games? If so what do you do to pass the time?

It’s always nice to have a meal in the city somewhere, cruise around for a look to relax a little or check out some other athletes compete.

Will any of your family/friends be coming out with you to X Games? 

Na, too far for the family and I have no friends. Sometimes 1 or 2 mates come but it’s always a mission.

Is there anyone in specific that you want to see/watch at X Games?

No one specific but I love watching the aussies do well over there! Oh, Ryan Williams actually, that will be interesting to see a scooter kid clean up.

Are there any competitors you’re worried about/got your eye on?

Yeah of course, Tom, Levi, Clint.. Everyone has been training a lot leading up to the competition and I hear of more and more people double flipping etc so we don’t know who is bringing new tricks!

Is your bike dialed in? Do you have to make specific adjustments for specific events?

My bike is always dialed in! I will have a mechanic with me to build a bike over there and my main guy Aaron will be there checking the sag, maintaining valve clearance and monitoring the muffler bearings to make sure it’s performing the best it can.

What’s more important, the takeoff or landing?

The take off means nothing if you don’t land, but you can’t land anything if you don’t take off??

How fast are you guys hitting the ramps out there?

I think the regular 75ft is just under 60km/h? But you could go as slow or as fast as you like really. Then it goes back to the last question.

What’s the go to pre-competition meal?

Usually something pretty light, like a salad with some protein and fats so I can focus.

What’s your walk up song?

Eye of the tiger…

Other than moto, that you have to check out at X Games?

BMX for sure.

Growing up, did you ever think you would one day be in the X Games?

Na, I didn’t even think it was possible for me to ride bikes for a living! How things change…

Any new projects in the works?

Always playing with new ramps and tricks for Nitro.

What’s the rest of 2018 look like for you?

A little time at home in Aug/Sep then it’s hectic for the rest of the year. Lots of shows and Nitro tours until mid December.

Who would you thank for getting you to X Games?

Monster Energy help me to do everything I do! My parents for letting me replace some orchard with jumps. Plus grounds keeper Phloppy and a few mates that have helped me setup where I train and continue to help me out when they can.

You gonna send it?

There’s no other choice!

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