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Lizzie Armanto skate trip to Idaho and Utah

X Games Sit Down With Lizzie Armanto

Jul 102018

Monster Energy sat down with Lizzie Armanto to discuss the upcoming 2018 X Games in Minneapolis, Minnesota and get a feel for what it takes to compete on the biggest stage.


Name, Age, Where Are You From, What Events Are You Competing In?

Lizzie Armanto - 25 - Santa Monica, CA - Skateboard Park

Are you excited to be going back to Minneapolis for X Games?

I am excited to go back to Minneapolis for X Games. From the drawings, the park looks really fun to skate. Also the city was really fun to check out and I feel like I only scratched the surface from the last time I was there.

How many X Games have you attended? When/where was your first one?

This will be my fourth X Games. My First X Games was in Barcelona, Spain in 2013. 

In your own thoughts, what makes being invited to X Games so different from other competitions?

Being invited to X Games is special because it has been around for so long. It is such a big event, so many people know about it, even my grandma. To top it off there is only a limited number of spot to compete.

Other than competing, what are you most excited to see/do at X Games?

Other than myself competing, I am excited to see my boyfriend, Axel compete in the Street Contest.

What’s your mindset as you prepare for X Games versus other competitions?

In general I just try to skate a bunch and feel good on my board.

Do you ever have free time during the X Games? If so what do you do to pass the time?

In my free time at X Games, I will usually check out the other parts of the event or run around the city to find yummy food.


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Will any of your family/friends be coming out with you to X Games?

As of right now, just Axel. Last year my mom and brother flew out and surprised me. It was really sweet of them.

Is your board dialed in? if so what setup are you rockin?

Right now, I am running an 8.25' Birdhouse deck with my new graphic with the butterfly face. 149 Indys and 58 Bones Wheels. Swiss bearings. Skeleton thumb Brostyle Grip.

What’s the go to pre-competition meal?

I always try to get steel cut oats before a contest.

What would be your walk-up song if you had one?

Africa by Toto!

Growing up, did you ever think you would one day be in the X Games?

No way I ever thought I would be competing at the X Games. My brothers first skateboard, that I learned on was an X Games board though.

Any new projects in the works?

I have been working on some collections with Vans. It is so different that anything else I have ever done. There is a lot of logistics. Designing is exciting though, you get to see an idea come to life.

What’s the rest of 2018 look like for you?

For right now just skating, completing, and trying to stay healthy.

Who would you thank for getting you to X Games?

My sponsors; Vans, Baby-G, Indy, Bones, Brostyle and a special thanks to Monster. Also my mom and Larry.

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