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X Games Sit Down With Mike Varga

Jul 052018

Monster Energy sat down with Mike Varga to discuss the upcoming 2018 X Games in Minneapolis, Minnesota and get a feel for what it takes to compete on the biggest stage.


Have you been to X Games before?

Yes, I’ve been to X Games Twice.

When was your first X Games?

Two years ago, I think I got sixth for park. Last year was my first invite for dirt but I never made finals.

Are you invited to dirt this year?

Yes, I got an invite to dirt this year. 

Are you going to make finals this year?

If they count my 900…

What happened in finals last year? You missed it my one spot right?

Yeah, I did a 9 bar but rumor is the judges said I didn’t get all the way around and didn’t get the last full rotation. 

Do you have any X-Games medals?

No X-Games medals to this point.

What’s your highest spot?

I think I got 6 place in park contest in the last two years.

Are you excited to go back to Minneapolis this year?

Yeah, Minneapolis is fun and I’m excited to see what I can do this year, if I could place top three maybe or get into finals in dirt that’ll be awesome.

How do you get into park?

I got to go through the qualification process in Boise, Idaho. And they only take six riders, and three wild cards. So, there’s Friday and Saturday there’s 20 riders they cut to 12, then 6. You got to make top 6 or you got to get one of those wildcards. 

Do you have a strategy?

The strategy this year would be to top my run from last year, cause it’s probably the only line I could put together and, try to make it a lot better and see if I can get top 6. Maybe, see if I could make finals in Minneapolis.

Do you have any big tricks that set you apart?

I do but I wouldn’t say so much here in Boise. More so in dirt or the actual X Games. The only secret I do have is in dirt. They do have a quarter and I would like to do a 1260. on the quarter, it’s never been done before, so I’d like to be the first to do it. Then I have a couple of 900 variations.

What does it mean to go to X Games? Is it a big deal?

I think X Games is a lot different from any other contest just because it’s kind of looked at as the biggest contest of the year. FISE is big with the Olympics but X Games is its own thing. I feel like this the biggest thing on action sports. X Games is the biggest contest, #1 in my book.

Is the Olympics on your radar?

Yeah, 100%, but I do have a hernia right now. I’ve got to get that fixed so I can compete in the Olympics qualifiers. I’m trying to ride all the FISE in 2019, 2020. Hopefully, make it as the Canadian to the Olympics in 2020.

What would you do if you won a Gold at X Games Minneapolis? First thing to do? First person you would call?

If I won a Gold at X Games, I would probably tell my mom, Olivia. Then call my actual Mom and Dad in Toronto, Canada. Let them know. They'd probably be into that and then I would celebrate at the bar later.

Who are you biggest supporters? Fans?

My sponsors, DK bicycles, Monster Energy and Vans help me a lot. But supportive people are the people I ride with.

Any riders you look up to?

Scotty Crammer. It's good to know he’s healthy. Scotty is the best, anytime I see him it’s awesome. He is one of my favorite riders and best friends.  To see him anywhere is awesome. Especially seeing him talk to other riders.

Who do you ride with the most and are most excited to ride with at X Games?

Always excited to ride with Kevin Peraza and Pat Casey. Those are the two riders I like riding with. I like riding with everyone, but I always get stoked when I’m with my fellow Monster athletes.

Any upcoming projects? How about your video project?

I've been working on video projects for 4-5 months now. It’s basically lacking two clips. I’m building a set up at my house after X Games, because I’m trying not to get hurt before. So, after X Games I’m building a big set and finishing those two clips. It should be released later after August, maybe even in august. It should be crazy.

Who/what else do you want to watch at X Games?

I’m definitely stoked for the Dave Mirra Best Trick, it’s a big thing and I also love watching all the dirt biking best tricks. Anything that has dirt bikes. It’s a bit gnarlier than what we do. I watch everything. Big Air is awesome, because I’ve never messed with that either. Respect for those guys.

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