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Kevin Peraza at the 2017 Summer X Games

Your Favorite with Kevin Peraza

Jul 132018

So Kevin, what's Your Favorite...


Probably Wolfmother but If I have to choose like a rapper or something: probably A$AP Rocky


Something funny, anything that’s funny really


Chinese Food, Japanese Food, noodles, rice... I recently went vegetarian a year ago, so I don’t eat meat anymore but I used to love meat tacos, bbq ribs but right now more Teriyaki noodles. I’ve been learning how to cook myself. I love avocados… It’s hard to choose. The food one’s so hard ‘cause I’m always eating


Shabba by A$AP Ferg and A$AP Rocky

Tv Serie?

I don’t remember giving myself the time to watch Tv series lately. I try to just watch documentaries or whatever my girlfriend likes… Watch movies or watch Netflix series with her but I don’t really watch like too many series. I would say Stranger Things is kind of cool. I don’t watch that many series. I wish I could, I wish I have more time to, but I always want to be outside. If it’s sunny I’m outside. I don’t think I’ve turned my Tv on for like months

Place to go on holidays?

Anywhere warm, anywhere by beach: southern California, L.A., San Diego, Huntington beach. Even Barcelona is so sick! With ou without BMX I think It’s cool to be a tourist sometimes. I think Europe’s cool, I like Europe a lot. I did a trip to Japan with my girlfriend and it was supercool too. For the Fise in Hiroshima we stayed 8 days in Tokyo and it was good vacations you know… I like just to enjoy and travel the world, It’s hard to pick I would love to go back to South Africa to Capetown on vacation and see the city and everything more than just BMX. Just go and be a tourist, enjoy, relax and it’s cool

Place to practice BMX?

In Tucson we have an indoor skatepark, Premises park that one of our friend Ian build. He supports Tucson BMX. I have kids to the park so I get to ride there whenever I want, bring all my friends too. I love riding there. But if not then I drive 2 hours to Chandler bike park one of the best park in the world. I think that’s one of my favorite.
But if not then I’m in California riding Pat Casey’s backyard that’s one of the best setup in the world. He’s got the best trails, the best ramp… You know you can never go around. 

BMX rider?

When I was younger I always looked up obviously to Dave Mirra and Ryan Nyquist. Cory Nastazio was a big influence to me with doing superman seatgrabs. Gary Young ‘cause he rides everything, Josh Harrington rides everything as well… Scotty Cranmer, Mark Webb all of those guys.  
But right now, my favorite riders: Gary Reynolds, Dennis Enarson, Chad Curley they are some of the best riders. One of my favorite to watch is one of my best friends Pat Casey. You can do everything, he’s the best. Best tricks, best style… Jack Clark, Mike Varga are some of my favorite riders to watch and to hang out with. Not to mention there are some of my bests friends so I really look up to them as friends, as riders, as teammates, as competitors. At the end of the day we just want to have a good time with each other so it’s always good fun…  
But favorite rider right now: Pat Casey

Athlete in general? 

Lewis Hamilton, #1 formula 1 driver in the world! I’ve never met him before, I hope I will one day. I believe the way he’s on the edge... He's motivation to the people, always thankful. He seems so humble as a person and how he shows everyone love all the time. He just seems like a real guy. He loves what he does and comes from nothing as well. His brother also drifts as well. Taking the thing as a family I think I can kind of relate… He’s so swaggy, dresses super cool, does things outside of his sport with bigger companies. I think that’s super cool that he can show his talent and then go from his talent to do different things.  
I don’t know, there are multiple athletes but I’m a BMX guy.I love skateboarding as well. I love watching Pedro Barros, he’s so powerful and so fun to watch, Curren Caples… So, so many skateboarders even the young kids now are so good at skating.  I love watching motocross, big fan of Taka Higashino he’s got so much style.Snowboarding is cool too… A little bit of everything


I don’t know I’ve never had any pets… Let’s say Lion… He represents power. I think he’s a cool beast

Soccer team?

My brothers and I used to play FIFA so I’m a big FC Barcelona fan ‘cause I love Barcelona too so…

Monster Flavor?

The Pipeline Punch and all the Hydro flavors are so good! Even when it’s warm Hydro is so good!