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Zoči Voči celebrate 13 years on scene by releasing new album 13

Nov 262017

Zoči Voči secured their position on the top of the Czechoslovak music scene already a long time ago and they are very popular in both countries.  This year they are celebrating thirteenth „birthday“ of the band with a new album called how else than 13. They are currently on tour with their Czech friends from pop-punk band Rybičky 48.  We interviewed Zoči Voči frontman Michal and asked him a few questions about the album and tour.

Zoči voči interview

Your album 13 released as a celebration of 13 years of Zoči Voči existence includes song called 13th Chamber, are you not afraid that the number would bring you bad luck?:)

It is only a number so we are not afraid. We are rather happy that our band has been going for so long.

Many bands are falling apart or regularly changing their members theses days. You, apart from one change stayed together since the beginning. What is the recipe for not fighting between each other?

We are really good friends, so we don’t have anything such as cabin fever in our band. We don’t even fight, it is always about the compromise so it means what I say is true. ☺

What was the recording process like? Did you have all your songs already written or were writing them continuously in the studio?

We recorded the new album at the Randal Group studio, where we have been recording since 2012 and we are really happy there. Most of the songs had some sort of form before so we just finished them in the studio. We spent recording more than three months and two were songs actually done a month before release. We are very satisfied with that album. ☺

Your new songs are a lot heavier. Is it thanks to the new guitar player or is it more like natural evolution?

The previous album was a bit special – acoustic, so on this one we preferred heavier songs. It was a rather natural development.

You have released a lot of songs, where do you get inspiration for the lyrics? Do the topics change with age?

Inspiration comes always from life and that might be the power of our lyrics.

What is our most favourite song on that album?

It is really hard to say since I am author of most of the music and lyrics. My answer is ALL of them.

You are currently on a Czechoslovak tour with Rybičky 48, it must be a crazy rid ... How is it going so far?

Rybičky 48 are one of our most favourite bands. We have similar opinions so we like to spend time with them after the shows and discuss things e.g. political topics. ☺We are not getting any younger so we are skipping the after parties.

The main highlight is going to be that huge show at Prague’s Forum Karlín, are you planning something special?

We will try to play our best so it would be enjoyable for both the sold out Karlín and us and so we have something to remember.

What are your plans for 2018?

In spring, we are going on SK tour with Horkýže Slíže, after that some city festivals and summer festival. We might have some time off in autumn. ☺

Do you have any dreams you would still like to fulfil as a band? (To play with some favourite band or sell out some huge arena, etc...)

I think we‘ve fulfilled them all.