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Zoči Voči released new single Milión ciest

Nov 072016


Interview with zoči voči

Hi guys, the festival season is behind us, soon there will be time for club gigs. How did you enjoy summer?

We had fun, of course, like every year. We always look forward to festival season. We travelled a lot between Czech Republic and Slovakia so we enjoyed a lot of heat in van an on stages:)

Did you have time to anything other than gigs? Any interesting holidays?

Naturally, we were usually off only from Mondays till Fridays as we played every weekend so there wasn't time for any longer holidays. However we enjoyed one special 3 days vacation in Italy, which was a stag party of our drummer Vladko, who got married in September. I think, they will remember us forever in that Italian place:))

We could not miss that there was some personal change in your band. Can you introduce your fans the new guitarist?

Our new guitarist is Juraj Štefánik. He is a very talented guitarist, who used to play in young band Ranna Nevolnost from Nitra. He inherited his musical talent from his dad, who is a guitarist in famous Slovak band Horkyze Slize. He is currently working with us every day on preparations for the upcoming „Celý týždeň dospávam tour 2016.“

Your new music video for Milión ciest was released few days ago. How did you enjoy the shooting itself? The idea for the script came from you or the director?

Shooting was so much fun. We were having a lot of laugh already 2 months ago when we were creating the script as a band. Everyone brought funny ideas and we tried to include them all. From reactions of our fans we can see, that we successfully entertained them as well. Whole video was shot in just two days and we would like to thank the guys from VLN Production for directing and post-production.

Can we expect any more news this year?

We are continually writing new songs. We have many of them in process, some of them we even started recording, however weather we release something by the end of this year is our secret.

What can we look forward to at your upcoming tour?

Celý týždeň dospávam tour 2016 will include mixture of our songs from all our records including our newest singles Kráľ and Milión ciest. Just one more thing... We will have a lot of laugh during the gigs as well as our audience, but we cannot tell you why. It will be our surprise!