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Zoci Voci band promoshoot Ultra Citron 2017

Zoči Voči released new video Noc je mladá

Jul 252017

 We sat down with Zoči Voči frontman Michal to discuss their newest video and current festival season.

You recently released new video for your „summer hit“ Noc je Mladá. You have guys from Smola a Hrušky as guest on this track, how did this collaboration happened?

We were planning to work with them for long time. We get on well with them so there was nothing preventing us from that collaboration. I had written one verse of the song for over two years and the guys from Smola a Hrušky helped me completing it.

How do you select sites and "stories" for videos? Is it always on the basis of lyrics, or rather random things that you think of or you like?

In this video, we focused on the story included in the lyrics. So there are beaches, beautiful women, but also penis shaped space ship. We also included our fans, who were sending us their photos and that make the video even more valuable.

We are in the half of the festival season. What were the highlights so far?

We have a lot of gigs this year, so we are happy that we’re not sitting at home. The biggest highlight was so far Topfest, however the summer didn’t end yet.

Where can people see you by the end of the summer?

There is still one month left, so if you want to see us, watch our Facebook and come to see us. :)

Do you plan to release any album or EP this year?

Autumn will be a sign of a new album, which will be followed by Czechoslovak tour. The album should be released in October, when we celebrate the thirteenth year since the band was founded. I will not tell you more. J