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: 09-04-2024

Rising from banishment in hell Monster's 2024 Skate Tour is back with a vengeance, with a pack of shredders fleeing from the burning wreckage. Leaving four continents left smouldering after last year's pandemonium, each of the nine cities on this year's kill list is absolutely quaking as the tour gets even more diabolical. 





Expect fast, steezy, nihilistic maneuvers from all-terrain destroyers: Nyjah Huston, Aurélien Giraud, Rayssa Leal, Giovanni Vianna, Kevin Baekkel, Gabriel Fortunato, Jorge Simoes, Dlamini Dlamini, Yam Behar, Rune Glifberg, Lizzie Armanto, Marina Gabriela, and many more. This is one of skateboarding's heaviest squads, and they will be missioning in the streets and everything in-between.

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