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Dreams of being a famous DJ during childhood and singing in a punk/grunge band as a teenager eventually lead to being an actual DJ in his early twenties: Winchester started playing techno in 2010 and eventually stepped towards electro, thrash, death electro and dubstep from the start of 2012. Winchester has years of passion and experience in various styles of music, forming an individual style which is frequently influenced by breakbeat, hiphop, punk and metal.

As a Resident DJ in Subsonic Groningen and being a hardcore BMX and MTB freestyle rider, DJ Winchester got noticed within the action sports scene. Since 2012 he has had the chance to DJ for multiple action sport, motorsport and heavy music event sudge as Zwarte Cross, Madnes, Jera on Air and Forta Rock festivals. Berm in the Middle jam, 040 BMX Park contest, Ongetemd parties, Rock n Rail, MX GP`s Lierop & Valkenswaard, Neon Spash NL tour to name just a view.

Wichester is an a roll and will turn every party into a circle pit or mosh crowd!

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