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Kevin Peraza first place finish

Kevin Peraza Wins Vans BMX Waffle Cup at U.S. Open of Surfing

Aug 082022

A huge weekend for action sports! Kevin Peraza took first place in the Vans BMX Waffle Cup street competition by rising all the way to the top of the leaderboard with a flawless technical run at the U.S. Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach. 

In Sunday’s Vans Showdown street skateboarding competition, our riders swept the entire podium: Jhancarlos Gonzalez took first place in the jam session final. He was joined on the podium by Braden Hoban in second place, and Grant Taylor in third place.

Vans BMX Waffle Cup: Kevin Peraza Dominates


The Vans BMX Waffle Cup street final had a roster of international top professionals taking on the technical street course. Peraza came to Huntington Beach fresh off a recent silver medal in the Dave Mirra BMX Park Best Trick contest at X Games 2022.


In the finals, the field of qualified riders was divided into five jam sessions, each featuring four riders at a time. The action escalated in the last jam session of the day, as Peraza raised the bar with outstanding tricks on the course’s largest obstacles. Trick highlights such as huge flair over the centerpiece, tiers to 180 down the rail, alley-oop flair whip over the hip, 360 to fakie in the pocket, G-turn to 360 over the massive table platform, bar spin 180 the kicker, ice pick grind the rail, and downside tailwhip 180 up the rail impressed the judges and earned first place for Peraza.

Podium Sweep At Vans Showdown Skateboarding Contest


In Sunday’s Vans Showdown street skateboarding contest, qualified riders took on the street course in several jam sessions featuring three riders at a time. Riders were judged on overall impression as well as the style and difficulty of their tricks.


In the jam session, Gonzalez put down a high volume of tricks with technical difficulty, including Cab lipslide the rail, judo air the quarter pipe, frontside 180 ollie over the car, switch frontside lipslide the rail, Caballerial the quarterpipe, as well as frontside 180 to switch crooked, frontside tailslide 270 and switch heelflip frontside boardslide the handrail. At the end of the day, the judges gave the win to Gonzalez, who already won Cowtown’s 2022 PHXAM street skateboarding competition in March 2022.


Second place in the Vans Showdown went to another young upstart, Braden Hoban. In the jam session, the newly minted professional skateboarder showed his technical skills by landing backside tailslide on the barrier, gap kickflip to frontside boardslide the rail, kickflip melon over the car all the way to flat, kickflip crooked and impossible to 50-50 the handrail, and a powerful backside 50-50 over the entire kinked rail. Hoban also stoked the crowd in Best Trick by sending a backside kickflip over the car.


Rounding out the team’s podium sweep, Grant Taylor put down a clinic in style and consistency. Not stepping off his board throughout the entire session, the certified Thrasher Magazine ‘Skater of the Year’ attacked the course with a huge frontside air off the extension, Caballerial over the mushroom, big frontside kickflip over the car into the flat, gap to backside lipslide the handrail, manual the car hood, massive frontside air the quarterpipe channel and a high-flying kickflip backside disaster on the quarterpipe for third place. Congrats to the team on this epic sweep!