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MyInk athlete tattoo blog series for Monster Energy website

#MyInk - James Foster

Feb 122019

Tattoos are the ultimate form of self expression. This week, we catch up to chat with BMX legend James Foster as he takes us through his various body art designs and the stories behind them. 


How many tattoos do you have?

That’s a good question! I’d say 13!

What’s the most sentimental tattoo you have? Tell us the story behind it.

They all have meaning behind them. On my wrists “stay positive” - went to Greenville, North Carolina where I lived for years with Dave Mirra and all the BMX dudes that rode there, and I hadn’t been back since he’d passed away so this was kind of like a good reminder to keep a positive outlook no matter what.

Tell us the story behind your first tattoo. Where were you? How old were you?

My first tattoo across my chest “Stay What You Are” and I got this when I was 26. Never thought I would get any tattoos - kinda funny now! It just a reminder to stay true to yourself and be who you are and don’t forget where you came from. Being my first one, I wanted it to have meaning by behind it.

Do you have any tattoos you regret?

No. Tattoos are all a memory so it’s going to remind you of something, right? None of these have bad memories attached to them so I don’t regret any of them.

What is the weirdest tattoo you have? How did you come to having it?

The thing on the back on my neck. I have a ram’s skull with a pyramid on top of it. You see ram skulls out in the Californian desert all the time towards Las Vegas. It reminds me of home and where I came from. The pyramid is my most recent tattoo that I got on a whim. It has a meaning behind it, but you can look it up!

If you had to have one tattoo on your face for life, what would it be and why?

Good question! I don’t know, probably have a moon and a sun on either side of my face, reminding you that light cannot exist without darkness and vice versa - it seems like a cool face tattoo!