Deez Nuts


Deez Nuts is the brain child of JJ Peters, a man that needs no introduction however, if you’ve been in a coma for the past few years here’s the 411.  He is a founding member of Australian hardcore/metal crew I Killed the Prom Queen who are arguably one Australia’s premiere hardcore/metal exports selling bucket loads of albums and conquering overseas markets before calling an indefinite hiatus in 2007.  JJ then launched his blue collar hardcore outfit Deez Nuts releasing the debut EP “Rep Your Hood” in 2007 and debut full length “Stay True” in 2008 which has established Deez Nuts as one of the biggest AU bands of the heavy ilk.  JJ also appeared as a guest vocalist on Bring Me The Horizon’s Suicide Season adding further international acclaim. With several national and overseas tours already racked up Deez Nuts are primed to bring their Friday night hardcore party anthems to a wider audience with  “This One’s For You”.


Released in May 2010 TOFY has taken Deez Nuts to ARIA top 40 and a worldwide audience.

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