The Immigrant


Born and raised under the vast blue Australian skies before emigrating to Germany, The Immigrant is no stranger to the foreign and unaccustomed. Based regularly in the former East Germany, he honed his craft as a "gun for hire " producer before stepping out
from behind the scenes to the centre stage.

A product of the hard school of the German electronic music scene, you can expect absolutely nothing listless and limp from The Immigrant. His Dj pedigree is one which many of his peers would ´kill´ for, and includes performances at the legendary Terrace@Space in Ibiza , the Sonar Festival Barcelona and Tours of Germany, Switzerland, Austria,Spain, England,Russia, Ukraine,Poland,Hungary and Australia.

After the impressive impact of his debut single,‘Through The Wire’, which included coverage by leading National broadcaster Triple J, The Immigrant returns once again with vocalist Danny Ross, on Summer Of Love (She Said). Part post electro, part late night indie shindig singa- long ,this track is put together with an understated confidence that shows great production maturity in one so young.With huge support by musical giant Tiesto on the epic Angger Dimas remix of this new single, this mysterious musical nomad has already made his mark on this Summer.

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