Teriinatoofa Hira

French PolynesiaFrench Polynesia

Teriinatoofa Hira was born and raised in Tahiti and currently lives in Papara in the middle of Pepeete not far from the famous reef break Teahupoo. A two time ISA World Champion (2004, 2010), Hira is somewhat of a legend in Tahiti. His preferred board is 6´0 ,18 1/2, 2 1/4 and he surfs all kinds of waves. His favourite places to travel are France, Australia, Hawaii and Los Angeles and hopes to get to Bali some day. When he´s not carving up waves around the world, he´s busy coaching some of Tahiti´s young surfing talent. He also loves soccer, Formula 1 and motorbikes. And if you´re ever lucky enough to have him over for dinner, he loves Poisson Cru!

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