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Over the past few years, skate prodigy Nyjah Huston has been on somewhat of a killing spree. In competition, he has remained unshakable, pulling down back-to-back-to back wins in the Street League series’, XGames Silver medals in ’09 (as the youngest pro competitor ever) and again in 2010, then nailed XGames Gold in 2011. But for Nyjah, contests are just one piece of puzzle. Throughout the winningest season of his pro career, Nyjah was also seriously on the grind filming for his solo video project Rise & Shine. The release of this eight-minute video slaughterfest re-wrote the book on the current state of skate progression and cemented Huston as the unquestionable standard-bearer of technical street skateboarding. Long before this Davis, California kid stole the spotlight in skate media, he fought his up through the ranks from anonymity to sponsorship to pro status the way everyone else does. What set Nyjah apart was the pace of his progression. From the moment he got on a board at the age of five, his skating showed promise. By the time he was twelve his dreads were down past his shoulders and he was being featured in magazines and videos as the “future” of skateboarding. Amazingly, Nyjah survived the all the pre-teen hype to live out those predictions. A few years later and that young kid has grown up, chopped the dreads, and made his mark. Skateboarding’s future has arrived and his name is Nyjah.

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