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Mar 082021

Not your average sports podcast! Hosted by action sports personality The Dingo and professional snowboarder Danny Kass, #UNLEASHED is your front-row ticket into the world of high-energy sports. With each episode dedicated to a unique guest or topic, the podcast celebrates the Monster Energy way of life lived by athletes, sports, bands, believers, and fans. Drawing on their rich experiences in action sports culture, The Dingo and Danny keep the conversations real, authentic – and totally unpredictable.

E107 - BMX Icon Pat Casey


Get ready for a true must-listen for BMX fans! Danny and The Dingo talk shop with multiple X Games medalist and BMX innovator Pat Casey. Known for inventing technical tricks like the fakie cashroll and decade backflip, Casey is part of a new generation of BMX riders that redefined the sport in the 2010s. Casey’s ‘Dreamyard’ video series, filmed at a 10,000 square feet ramp facility at his residence, has garnered over 1.3 million views – and counting.

Listen closely as Casey shares what it takes to become a successful pro BMX athlete and The Dingo shares his childhood dreams – and battle scars – of a BMX racing career. Only on UNLEASHED!


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E106 - “Big Boy” 325-Pound Powerlifter


Get ready for a heavy episode of The UNLEASHED Podcast! Danny and The Dingo sit down with powerlifter “Big Boy” from San Clemente, California. Brace for a no-holds-barred conversation with the 325-pound athlete known for his viral YouTube and Instagram videos of superhuman strength and skateboard stunts that have racked up millions of views.


With numerous national and worldwide powerlifting records, including an American record for bench pressing 589 pounds in 2015, Big Boy is doing it BIG! Take notes as the heavyweight shares how he built tremendous online clout, with 696K Instagram followers (@bigscboy) as well as 600K subscribers and 4.1 million likes on TikTok. Also get the inside story behind his legendary drop-in (and slam) at skate icon Tony Hawk’s private training facility and witness an epic arm-wrestling match between “Big Boy” and podcast host Danny Kass. Only on UNLEASHED!


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E105 – FMX Legend, Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg


An OG of freestyle motocross since 1998 and one of the most talented dirt bike riders in history - Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg has been an instrumental figure in the development and success of the sport. Twitch holds 16 X Games medals, winning medals and reaching the podium in freestyle, best trick, step-up, speed and style, and best whip. Twitch crews up with Taka Higashino, Vicki Golden, Blake “Bilko” Williams, Genki Watanabe, Josh Hill, Jarryd McNeil, and Tyler Bereman to talk all things moto with The Dingo.


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E104 – Tom Wallisch, Multiple Freeski Gold Medalist


Freeski trailblazer Tom Wallisch grew up on the East Coast, far outside the competitive spotlight. But he still found a way to become one of the sport’s best-known riders: His self-produced videos of urban Freeski riding, including 2014’s ‘The Tom Wallisch Project’, became viral hits on YouTube. Wallisch also made history by setting the World Record for the longest rail slide on skis at 424 feet. In conversation with The Dingo and Danny, the Freeski phenom speaks on career-defining moments, pioneering a new way to turn pro, and his side gig as an X Games commentator. Winter sports fans, don’t miss this one!

He won the overall Dew Cup, was named 2012 Men’s Slopestyle World Champion, and came in first in the AFP Slopestyle World Rankings. Through it all, he still produced a highly acclaimed film segment and traveled to Japan and Alaska to film following the competition season. Since then, Wallisch has produced dozens of film segments for Level 1 and Field Productions, his own film, The Wallisch Project, and founded his own production company, Good Company, which has produced five films and more than 50 edits.


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E103 – Jessica Rose-Clark, UFC Bantamweight Powerhouse


Jessica-Rose Clark is one of the hardest-hitting women in mixed martial arts (MMA). After rising to the top of Australia’s national MMA leagues, “Jessy Jess” relocated to the United States in 2017 to compete as one of the top pros in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). She speaks openly about the role of women in the hard-knuckle world of MMA in conversation with The Dingo and Danny. And of course, it’s no fun until one of the hosts catches a body kick courtesy of the expert kickboxer. No punches pulled in this episode, guaranteed!


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E102 – Motocross Icon Ryan Villopoto


Ryan Villopoto is a motocross legend – and that’s for a good reason. Groomed to race motorbikes since age 5, the Washington native has single-handedly raised the bar in motocross. He became the first Monster Energy Cup Champion and the sport’s first-ever million-dollar winner in 2011. In a candid conversation with The Dingo and Danny, the father of twins revisits career-defining moments and shares the secret of keeping calm under pressure. Hold on to your seats, this one’s coming at you fast!


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E101 – Nyjah Huston Talks Olympics, Injuries, & Film Projects


Nyjah Huston is the winningest skateboarder in history. The Dingo and Danny sit down with the pro skater and Team USA Olympic athlete in the very first episode of UNLEASHED. It’s a heavy one: The reigning SLS World Champion and winner of 19 medals at X Games speaks on his road to the Tokyo Olympics, ‘sending it’ on big tricks, current video projects, dealing with injuries, and staying motivated despite the ongoing pandemic.


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