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Day two images from the 2019 World RX of Spain

My Lid - RX Cartel - Liam Doran

Aug 052019

Strong enough to stop bullets, but light enough so it doesn’t crank your neck under high G-force. Not to mention if you throw an iridium visor on one; it looks pretty damn good. We are talking about crash helmets of course.

While all drivers of the FIA World Rallycross Championship presented by Monster Energy take to the track with a substantial roll cage bolted to their rides, and a solid piece of metal over their heads, it’s still compulsory to wear the latest technology in protective head gear. Not that you’d want to go racing without one. Last time in the RX Cartel My Lid series, we brought you insight into Andreas Bakkerud’s feather light Schuberth SF2 Pro Race Helmet.

This time we take a glance at team-mate Liam Doran’s Stilo ST5 Rally 8860. Certified to the FIA 8860 standard, this full face beast of a helmet is 100% carbon-fibre and comes fitted as standard with a rally-bespoke noise cancelling intercom system. Naturally, Liam pairs his Lid with the mandatory head and neck safety device (HANS) - also manufactured from carbon fibre - and a mirrored blue visor for added protection and vision

“It’s an awesome helmet, and I’ve used Stilos for almost all of my racing career,” Liam told us. “It’s light and the fit is just right. It’s important to wear the very best gear you can when it comes to safety. I’ve always preferred a full-face helmet - not just for the way it looks, but the protection it offers too.

“The paint scheme features my race number - 33 - with my surname, and British Bomb logos. The team at Monster finished the paint scheme off with some old school influenced hot-rod pin striping and a bomb shaped union-jack flag on the top.

The Stilo has some pretty good options to customise it too. I’ve used the top-air system previously during hotter races - which pumps fresh air into the helmet, to keep your head cool. It’s a great lid!”