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The Bloody Beetroots, backstage, live, signing session, at Nova Rock Festival 2018, Nickelsdorf Austria

The Bloody Beetroots - behind the scenes

Jul 052018

Have you ever wondered, what happens behind the stages of those huge music festivals?
We for sure did and thankfully, The Bloody Beetroots gave us an exclusive sneak peek behind the curtain. We had the opportunity to get inside the artist´s head, talking to Bob about the final moments before they hit the stage. Check it out!

"When people come to see the show, I wanna give them 100%, I want to give my everything."

You just arrived here backstage. What are your initial thoughts on the comfort level of this backstage area?

Well, today it´s warm. Very, very warm! But at least I got my fruit, I got my Monster, I got my water, I got everything I need to survive backstage. All the basic needs are covered.

What would a backstage area need, to become a sort of temporary home for you?

You gotta know that I train very hard during the week, to get fit for the performance, like 4 days a week. So for me the dressroom has got to be something really clean, in terms of, I´m off alcohol, off drugs, there´s nothing here but I got my natural nuts, energy drinks, fresh fruit, tons of water. That´s all I need to prepare myself for the stage, nothing crazy. Some might say, that this is the most boring dressing room, that´ll ever have but that´s exactly what I need you know. No distractions, to get focused for my performance. You will see – the Bloody Beetroots show is something really physical, it´s an athletes performance at the end of the day. When people come to see the show, I wanna give them 100%, I want to give my everything.

Impressive! Would you say, that´s your everyday work ethic?

I think it´s really important for a doable career. I´ve been around for 12 years and this kind of discipline might have me standing here forever. And I´m surrounded by guys that have the same way of living. The sex, drugs and Rock´n´Roll lifestyle is gone. If you wanna be a revolutionary artist today, if you wanna be a riot sort of, you gotta be THERE and being THERE means that your mind & body are fully functional for the performance and for the music you are gonna make. So the more concentrated you are, the better you are able to express yourself.

"I pump some weight before I get in and then boom! I hit the stage."

How are you preparing in those last few hours before a show. Tell us what´s happening?

My routine changes a little every day, but basically it looks like this: First I study maybe an hour – I´m preparing to become a professional cross fit trainer. Then I start listening to some music, also I go through my lyrics, mostly the ones I tend to forget (laughs). I got them printed on stage as well, just to be sure. After that I start training a little bit, 5 maybe 10 Minutes I got my down bells here and my ropes, I pump some weight before I get in and then boom! I hit the stage.

Are you able to come down easily after a show?

It takes some time to come down, cause the adrenalin level is so up the roof. It takes an hour, an hour and a half and I don’t really party right after the concert. So I stay in the dressing room, wait for the guys to load the equipment off stage and when the whole team is ready we go home, or to whatever hotel is home for the night. Plus, because we are a small crew and want to be a small crew (we are 3 people on stage and 4 people off stage you know) everybody has a second job. We try to stick together, we try to move together.

Does your crew also feel like family?

Yes absolutely! And I want that vibe! I don´t wanna be detached from my guys to much. Cause I need to stay with them, just as they need to stay with me. There´s bigger or smaller problems on stage every day: something´s not working; the monitor guys are going koo-koo because of different mixing consoles, so we´ve got problems to fix every day, so we need to talk. And the more we talk, the more we are able to achieve the next level.

There was loads of pressure and expectations, people said “Bob lost his mind; WTF is this” so I needed to be on top of my game.

Do you have one very memorable Festival experience?

Yeah (laughs). Big day out 2013. Which was in Australia and was the first Bloody Beetroots LIVE gig ever. I got sick a week before! I caught some sort of virus, actually lost a couple of kilos during that week. But I needed to go on stage that day! It was one of the most important moments for The Bloody Beetroots; a big change; the switch from a DJ Set to a band. There was loads of pressure and expectations, people said “Bob lost his mind; WTF is this” so I needed to be on top of my game. And I remember they injected me Vitamin B12 straight to the veins so I could get up on stage. I got like super pumped! It´s like natural cocaine Baby! It was crazy. And I made it. We did an amazing show for f*cking 25.000 people and it was a blast. It was that moment when I realized – no matter what happens, I have to do the show and give it my everything.

Did you have a look at the lineup here at Nova Rock Festival?

Yeah it´s crazy! It´s f*cking insane! I realised that we are playing the same time as Iron Maiden, so I´m really curious what´s going to happen. Would be cool to steal some fans from Iron Maiden and root for the Bloody Beetroots. But it´s crazy, we got Enter Shikari, The Prodigy the day before…

Is there an artist in the lineup you would love to see?

Oh f#*k yeah! I´d love to see Iron Maiden, but we are playing at the same time. It´s kind of an honour to play at the same time, as such a legendary band. Last week we played with the Foo Fighters. We did some great Festivals this year. And we kinda fill the gap between electronic people and rock´n´roll people, we sorta connect two worlds, it´s fun. Challenging but fun.