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Gana un viaje a la UFC Experience

And the winner is...
  • Armando Rabello - Guantes
  • Alexandra Flores - UFC 3 Playstation
  • Diego Ruiz-tagle - Guantes
  • Victor Gonzalez - UFC 3 X Box
  • Gonzalo Jiron - Guantes
  • Ignacio Pereira - UFC 3 Playstation
  • Augusto Salazar - UFC 3 Playstation
  • Karina Olavarria - Guantes
  • Alex Periera - UFC 3 Playstation
  • Camilo Cancino - Guantes
  • Camila Sanchez Tapia - UFC 3 X Box
  • Levi Cornejo - Guantes
  • Denis Salas - UFC 3 Playstation
  • Gonzalo Muñoz - Guantes
  • Alvaro Saldivar - Guantes
  • Cesar Ramos Duran - UFC 3 Playstation
  • ClaudioCatalán - Guantes
  • Argenis Moreno - UFC 3 X Box
  • Javier Pinares - Guantes
  • Alex Díaz - Guantes
  • Julio Meza Grassi - UFC 3 Playstation
  • Claudio Torres - UFC 3 Playstation
  • Alan Leveke - Guantes
  • MOISES RAMIREZ - UFC 3 Playstation
  • Leonel Azcurra - UFC 3 Playstation
  • mauricio martinez - Guantes
  • Anyelo Sagal - UFC 3 Playstation
  • Marcos Vivanco - Guantes
  • Bryan carquin - Guantes
  • Estefania Gallardo - Guantes
  • Rodrigo Gonzalez - UFC 3 Playstation
  • Miguel Espinoza- UFC 3 X Box
  • Rafael Rubio - UFC 3 Playstation
  • Miguel angel González andana - Guantes
  • Rodrigo Contreras - Guantes
  • Rober Pedrozo - Guantes
  • Leonardo Muñoz - Guantes
  • Miguel Garcia - Guantes
  • Macarena Fouere - UFC 3 Playstation
  • kevin Avendaño - UFC 3 Playstation
  • Jorge Delgado - UFC 3 X Box
  • Yerko Escobar - UFC 3 Playstation
  • Luciano Meza - UFC 3 X Box
  • Gabriel Cordero - Guantes
  • Horst Teuber - UFC 3 Playstation
  • Elias Lopez - UFC 3 X Box
  • Thomas Musa - Guantes
  • Diego Saavedra - UFC 3 Playstation
  • Hans Siciliano - Guantes
  • Luis Aliaga - Guantes
  • Michelle Garrido - Guantes
  • Juan Contreras - Guantes
  • Daniel Dávila - UFC 3 Playstation
  • Mauricio Reinoso Gómez - UFC 3 Playstation
  • Nestor Meza - Guantes
  • Cristian Lovera - Guantes
  • Camila Greve - UFC 3 X Box
  • Rocío Santibáñez - Guantes
  • sadrac gomez - Guantes
  • Diego González - UFC 3 Playstation
  • Oscar Madariaga - UFC 3 Playstation
  • Vicente Stipo - UFC 3 X Box
  • Brayan Morales - Guantes
  • Zoila Levin Oyarzo - Guantes
  • Marco Pino - xbox
  • Gabriel Salvador - Guantes
  • Javiera Valiente - UFC 3 Playstation
  • Javier Herrera - UFC 3 X Box
  • Martín Uribe - Guantes
  • amaro hernandez - UFC 3 X Box
  • Rosa Gutierrez - UFC 3 Playstation
  • Matí­as Rojas - Guantes
  • Octavio Andrade - Guantes
  • Fredy Riquelme - Guantes
  • Felipe Riquelme - UFC 3 Playstation
  • Leonel Figueroa - Guantes
  • Claudio Inostroza - UFC 3 Playstation
  • Victor Hernandez - Guantes
  • Marcelo Espinoza - UFC 3 X Box
  • Miguel Catalan Levin - Guantes
  • fernando sanhueza ocares - UFC 3 Playstation
  • Sebastián Ravest - Guantes
  • Marco Zecchetto - Guantes
  • Kristyn Martinez - UFC 3 Playstation
  • Fabián Yáñez - Guantes
  • Hector Garrido - Guantes
  • Carlos Alegrí­a - Guantes
  • Carlos Nash - UFC 3 X Box
  • Alejandsro vargas - UFC 3 X Box
  • Miguel Catalan Campos - Guantes
  • Henry Davis - UFC 3 Playstation
  • Richard Frias - Guantes
  • Cristian Cárdenas - UFC 3 Playstation
  • Camila Donoso - Guantes
  • Tomás Pinto Gómez - Guantes
  • José Cabas - Guantes
  • Gabriel Álvarez - UFC 3 X Box
  • Bastian Cancino - UFC 3 Playstation
  • Cristian Verá - Guantes
  • Nicolas Brickell - UFC 3 Playstation
  • Isaias Aqueveque - UFC 3 Playstation
  • josé hernández - UFC 3 X Box
  • Luis Verdejo - UFC 3 Playstation
  • Matí­as Olivares - Guantes
  • Randu Muñoz - UFC 3 X Box
  • juan jeria - UFC 3 X Box
  • nahuel tirado - Guantes
  • Bábar Montecinos - UFC 3 Playstation
  • Eduardo Martinez - UFC 3 X Box
  • matias san martin ponce - Guantes
  • Joaquin Sandoval - Guantes
  • Michale joce Perdomo pulgarin - UFC 3 Playstation
  • Raimundo Valdivieso q - UFC 3 Playstation
  • Rodrigo Espinoza - UFC 3 X Box
  • Felipe Salinas - Guantes
  • Matias Garces - Guantes
  • Linda Miño - UFC 3 X Box
  • Franco fuentes - Guantes
  • Camilo Masabeu - UFC 3 X Box
  • Esteban Navarro - Guantes
  • Manuel Andrade - Guantes
  • Juan Pablo Espinoza - UFC Las Vegas Experience (Viaje)

Un ganador y su acompañante podran viajar a Las Vegas para vivir la pelea UFC.  

submit entries from April 15 2018 to June 07 2018

promotion rules




In Santiago, on April 12, 2018 Embotelladora Andina S.A., tax ID No. 91,144,000-8, represented herein by Mr. Sebastián Tagle Pérez, national identification card No. 7,010,443-1, and by Mr. Pedro Román Rolla Dinamarca, national identification card No. 10,391,547-3, all domiciled at 9153 Miraflores Avenue, borough of Renca, at the Metropolitan Region, and Coca-Cola Embonor S.A., tax ID No. 93,281,000-K, represented herein by Mr. Juan Paulo Valdés Gutiérrez, national identification card No. 13,687,088-2, and by Mr. Raúl Reyes Andrade, national identification card No. 6,381,789-9, all domiciled at 40 El Golf street, borough of Las Condes, at the Metropolitan Region, both in its capacity as exclusive distributor for Chile of "MONSTER ENERGY®" brand (the “Bottlers”), and MONSTER ENERGY COMPANY – CHILE – LIMITADA, taxpayer Id. number 76.140.057-6, represented herein by Mr. Cristián Sandoval Soto, National Identification Card number 8.823.456-1, both domiciled for the purpose hereof at 4290 Los Militares street, 8th floor, borough of Las Condes, at the Metropolitan Region of Chile, establishes the following rules of promotion:

FIRST: Background.

MONSTER ENERGY COMPANY – CHILE – LIMITADA (“MECL”), taxpayer Id. number 76.140.057-6 as a subsidiary of MONSTER ENERGY COMPANY, a Delaware company ("MEC"), markets, sells, and distributes Monster Energy® branded products (the “MEC Products”).

Such MEC Products are distributed by the Bottlers.

The Bottlers will hold a promotion called "MONSTER ENERGY UFC EXPERIENCE" focused on increasing the purchases of MEC Products in all formats.

In compliance with Article 36 of Law No. 19,496 on Consumer Rights, these Rules of Promotion includes the prizes description and the period in which they can be claimed and the communication mechanism of the results.

SECOND: Mechanics of the Promotion.

The promotion shall be coordinated by AGENCIA OLE COMUNCIACIONES SOCIEDAD LIMITADA, taxpayer Id. number 76.360.617-1, domiciled at 9460 Las Condes Avenue, office 308-309, borough of Las Condes, at the Metropolitan Region of Chile (the “Agency”), who assumes all the responsibility in that regard.

Any customer whobuys cans of Monster Energy ® in any format (the “Cans”) and between April 15, 2018, from 00:00 hrs. until June 7, 2018, 23:59 hrs. (the “Term”) upload at web site a picture with their Monster Energy ® Can and fill out web form with details requested, shall have the opportunity to enter into a drawing for the following prizes: one (1) double trip to Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Fight in Las Vegas, United States of America, one hundred (100) UFC gloves, thirty (30) games UFC3 XBOX and fifty (50) UFC 3 Playstation Games (the “Prizes”).

The participants in this promotion can only upload one (1) picture.

The draw of the Prizes will be held by the Agency at latest at 23:59 hrs. of June 11, 2018, and will participate the photographs uploaded during the 00:00 hrs. of April 15, 2018 until 23:59 hrs. of June 7, 2018.

The promotion shall be promoted by graphics on the point of sale materials of the Cans and on the MEC web pages and MEC and MECL social media pages of Monster Energy®, in MECL’s sole discretion.

THIRD: Prizes.

  • The Prizes shall be the following:
  • One (1) double trip to Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Fight in Las Vegas, United States of America, that will take place on July 7, 2018. The airline, accommodation and transport will be defined by MECL at its sole discretion, after the draw.
  • One hundred (100) UFC gloves.
  • Thirty (30) games UFC3 XBOX, and
  • Seventy (50) games UFC3 Playstation 4.

FOURTH: Delivery Condition.

As an essential condition to receive the Prize that the winner gives his/her consent for his/her identity to be disclosed and that his/her voice, images filmed and/or photographs taken, may be displayed by any means of communication defined by the Bottlers, MEC and/or MECL. No exclusivity or rights for such display can be claimed.

The Bottlers, MEC and/or MECL may develop advertising testimonies of the delivery of the Prize, including the reproduction of images, name, country of residence and identification card of the winner, authorization that the participants grant to the Bottlers, MEC and/or MECL in accordance with the provisions of Law 19.628 on Protection of Privacy.

FIFTH: Delivery Management.

The contestants must check MEC website,, since 10:00 am of June 13, 2018, where the names of the winners of each of the Prizes will be published.

The withdraw of the Prizes shall be exclusive responsibility of each winner contestant and it cost shall be exclusively supported by each winner contestant. MEC, MECL and/or the Bottlers will not be responsibly or liable for the shipping of the Prizes. The Withdraw of each of the Prizes shall be performed in the dependencies of the Agency located at 9460 Las Condes Avenue, office 308-309, borough of Las Condes, Santiago, between Monday and Friday, excluding festive days, between 10:00 am and 18:00 pm, in continuous hours. The winner contestants located outside of the Metropolitan Region may request the delivery of their Prize assuming the total cost of the payment of such delivery and releasing MEC, MECL and/or the Bottlers of any responsibility related to such delivery.

In case the corresponding winner do not withdraw his/hers Prize on the next fifteen (15) business days since the date in which the inners where published, he or she will lose his/her winner quality, and the Agency will proceed to draw the Prize again to an alternate winner, who’ll have ten (10) business days to withdraw his/hers Prize. If neither the winner nor the alternate winner timely withdraw their Prizes, as indicated above, they will lose the prize and the prize will be subject to no new draw. The Bottlers, the Agency, MEC and/or MECL will hold not liability to any winner who had failed to timely claim his/her prize, the latter bearing the burden of claiming the prize in accordance with this rules of promotion.

The corresponding winner shall show his or her national ID card when the prize is deliver to him or her. The Bottlers, the Agency, MEC and/or MECL will not be liable to the winners and/or third parties, in the event the prize is collected by an individual that attests its identity with a false or forged ID card, in which case the corresponding winner and/or the third party shall not be entitled to request any kind of compensation from the Bottlers, the Agency, MEC and/or MECL.

It is expressly state that the Prizes shall not be exchangeable in MEC Products, money or other goods, and they are not endorsable or transferable to third parties.

SIXTH: Participation and Acceptance.

Individuals of or over 18 years of age, holding a Chilean identity card and residents of Chile may participate in this promotion.

The promotion shall be valid only in the territory of the Republic of Chile.

The following individuals are prohibited from participating in the promotion hereof: employees of the Bottlers, MEC, MECL, and/or the Agency or related companies, or employees of legal entities intervening directly or indirectly in the organization, implementation and/or events of this promotion. For purpose of this promotion, legal entities meeting the requisites provided in Article 100 of Chilean law 18,045 on Securities Market will be regarded as related companies.

The participation in this promotion implies for all legal purposes, the full acceptance of this rules of promotion, waiving to claim or demand any action of any nature against the Bottlers, the Agency, MEC and/or MECL.

SEVENTH: Liability.

Neither the Bottlers, the Agency, MEC and/or MECL shall be liable if due to any fact, accident and/or circumstance, which occurred with occasion of the Prize, occurs any damage to persons or property, whether caused by the winner or not. It is understood that acceptance of the Prize by the winner will mean for all legal purposes, a waiver of any claim or legal action against the Bottlers, the Agency, MEC and/or MECL.

Neither the Bottlers, the Agency, MEC and/or MECL shall be responsible for the expenses or any other charge that the corresponding winner shall execute pursuant to enforcer his or hers Prize, being the corresponding winner the solely responsible of any expenses or any other charge that he or she shall execute in order to collect his or hers Prize.

The winner will be solely responsible for having their travel documents up to date, among others, valid passport and visa. Likewise, he/she will be solely responsible for additional costs to the flight ticket, accommodation and transport.

Per the receipt of the corresponding prize by each winner, the Bottlers, the Agency, MEC and/or MECL will be released of any liability regarding any damage or harm suffered by the winner or third parties and/or their assets resulting from the winners use or misuse of the Prize.

Further, the Bottlers, the Agency, MEC and/or MECL shall not be responsible for any damage that could be related to the use or misuse of the photographs used for the promotion by the contestants, and it is the contestant’s responsibility for the damages caused to third parties, the Bottlers, the Agency, MEC and/or MECL.

EIGHTH: Notarized Rules of Promotion.

In case of any doubt, it will be determined by these rules of promotion, which will be notarized in the Notary of Santiago of Mrs. Antonieta Mendoza Escalas.

The Bottlers, MEC and/or MECL reserves the right to modify these rules of promotion on or even cancel this promotion, in both cases at any time, especially at the request of authorities, through a notarized addendum at the Notary Public that these rules were notarized.

The bearer of a signed copy of this rules is entitle to require and sign its notarized version before a Notary Public, jointly with the other elements corresponding to this promotion.






Sebastián Tagle Pérez







Pedro Román Rolla Dinamarca

pp. Embotelladora Andina S.A.









Juan Paulo Valdés Gutiérrez







Raúl Reyes Andrade

pp. Coca-Cola Embonor S.A.









Cristián Sandoval Soto

pp. Monster Energy Company –Chile-Limitada







María del Carmen Cortines Gómez

pp. Agencia Ole Comunicaciones Sociedad Limitada