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Play Like A Pro! Win JTeam Gaming Gear with Monster Energy


From 25 August 2021 00:00 to 05 October 2021 23:59, buy 2 or more MONSTER® ENERGY cans, or MONSTER® ENERGY 4-pack at selected retail channel below, then text [Monster+(The last 8 digits of your receipt number)] to 83811 for a chance to win amazing prizes:

7-Eleven exclusive promotion prize- Bicycle (Market value NTD$10,000)- 5 units.

FamilyMart exclusive promotion prize- Racing Simulator (Market value NTD$66,000)- 1 unit.

All Channel promotion prizes:

1st prize: J Team Gaming Gear with Jay Chou Signature, 3 units. (market value which not included the signature NTD$8,000)

2nd prize: Hyper X Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Set, 10 units. (Market value NTD$6,480)

3rd prize: Hyper X Wireless Headphone, 20 units. (Market value NTD$4,290)


submit entries from August 25 2021 to October 05 2021

promotion rules



# 手機門號 登錄發票號碼 中獎獎項
1 0926XXX401 46063581 Monster 限量腳踏車 (7-11獨家)
2 0911XXX026 44247464 Monster 限量腳踏車 (7-11獨家)
3 0905XXX854 75214775 Monster 限量腳踏車 (7-11獨家)
4 0908XXX203 38237716 Monster 限量腳踏車 (7-11獨家)
5 0971XXX693 78633662 Monster 限量腳踏車 (7-11獨家)
1 0900XXX901 38237170 Monster Energy 限量賽車模擬器 (全家獨家)
2 0917XXX980 03561354 Monster Energy 限量賽車模擬器 (全家獨家)
1 0978XXX069 66433519 周杰倫簽名之J-Team周邊
2 0921XXX542 51332938 周杰倫簽名之J-Team周邊
3 0918XXX257 94496329 周杰倫簽名之J-Team周邊
1 0984XXX598 98216092 Hyper X 電競鍵盤滑鼠組
2 0918XXX677 83109975 Hyper X 電競鍵盤滑鼠組
3 0958XXX939 84627063 Hyper X 電競鍵盤滑鼠組
4 0919XXX989 13939599 Hyper X 電競鍵盤滑鼠組
5 0988XXX051 68551884 Hyper X 電競鍵盤滑鼠組
6 0921XXX613 86241248 Hyper X 電競鍵盤滑鼠組
7 0972XXX217 80346866 Hyper X 電競鍵盤滑鼠組
8 0921XXX389 51333593 Hyper X 電競鍵盤滑鼠組
9 0960XXX390 16198736 Hyper X 電競鍵盤滑鼠組
10 0975XXX327 32884042 Hyper X 電競鍵盤滑鼠組
1 0903XXX165 49487596 Hyper X 無線耳機
2 0963XXX326 17245062 Hyper X 無線耳機
3 0958XXX169 36151411 Hyper X 無線耳機
4 0926XXX491 53489933 Hyper X 無線耳機
5 0937XXX700 49512296 Hyper X 無線耳機
6 0905XXX368 19862632 Hyper X 無線耳機
7 0919XXX228 02725149 Hyper X 無線耳機
8 0955XXX888 32424336 Hyper X 無線耳機
9 0932XXX675 03272882 Hyper X 無線耳機
10 0978XXX132 20686673 Hyper X 無線耳機
11 0985XXX242 37205321 Hyper X 無線耳機
12 0905XXX782 98594669 Hyper X 無線耳機
13 0980XXX698 79327259 Hyper X 無線耳機
14 0972XXX638 80346840 Hyper X 無線耳機
15 0938XXX228 01044009 Hyper X 無線耳機
16 0930XXX762 86392310 Hyper X 無線耳機
17 0970XXX871 80369195 Hyper X 無線耳機
18 0985XXX870 62368764 Hyper X 無線耳機
19 0928XXX556 13126936 Hyper X 無線耳機
20 0919XXX191 60298763 Hyper X 無線耳機



1. The winning receipt must be issued at the selected retail channel during the event period and must be clearly identified as a single purchase of 2 cans of MONSTER® ENERGY or MONSTER® ENERGY 4-pack. If the receipt did not have purchase detail, please attached with a purchased detail. For verifying the winner qualification, winner must send original receipt with clear identify on selected retail channel and purchase detail for the promotion. Handwritten, unidentified, copy of receipt will be invalid. When the receipt was an einvoice, please print out the purchase detail from E-invoice platform of the Ministry of Finance website. When the receipt was an einvoice without a purchase detail, please inquire the purchase details from E-invoice platform of the Ministry of Finance website( On the other hand, you can print out the purchase details by scanning the QR code on the receipt for the prize redemption.

2. The Winners have to download the award confirmation( on event website, and fill out the “award confirmation” + " original winning receipt / purchase details" ( to redeem the prize must have original winning receipt and details ) + "photocopy front and back of the ID card", mail these information by 29 October 2021 (by postermarked) using registered mail to “Win J TEAM Gaming Gear with Monster®”5F., No. 368, Fuxing N. Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City 10476, Taiwan. Overdue will consider as a give up on the prize automatically.

3. Every channel has different text code, please confirm for the right text code. It will not eligible for the prize when the organizer reviewed as code error. nationals

4. Under the tax law by Taiwan, when winning prize value is more than NTD$1,001 needs provide front and back copy of winner’s ID card, that is used for tax filing and will be included in personal income in annual tax filing. When winning prize value is more than NTD$20,001 needs to pay 10% tax under the law. The winner who are not nationals of Taiwan (that is, citizen and foreigner who have lived in Taiwan less than 183 days.) needs to pay 20% chance of winning tax. If the winner did not want to pay the tax first, it will consider as a give up on the prize and no objection about it. National Taxation Bureau of Taipei (MOF) implements "paperless document”, begins from 2014 if various income tax document meet certain conditions, the unit that issued the document will, in principle, be exempt from sending the document to the IRS after filing the document to the IRS on schedule. Moreover, winners must complete the declaration before the end of May of the following year.

5. The participant must be Taiwan citizen and aged of 13 or older. When the winner is not 20 years old, the winner must provide front and back copy of ID card, also please attached a front and back copy of the legal representative's ID card and all the redemption process to redeem the prize.

6. The prize redemption form must be same person when you enter the information on the promotion. If there is any difference, the organizer reserves the right to cancel the qualifications to redeem the prize without notice.

7. The terms and conditions of promotion based on the promotion website announcement. If you have any question, please call 02-25171326#22 from Monday through Friday 09:00-18:00 (Customer service will not be provided during national holidays and Chinese new year)

Terms and Conditions:

1. The promotion is promoted by Monster Energy Company (Taiwan) and Swire Coca-Cola (S&D) Limited. Entrust Mobilewiz Corporation as the promotion co-organizer. The employee of promotion organizer and co-organizer cannot participate in this promotion.

2. To enter this promotion: In the selected retail channel, buy 2 or more MONSTER® ENERGY cans or MONSTER® ENERGY 4-pack with single purchase, for as qualify for this promotion. Not the selected products and retail channel cannot participate with this promotion. The promotion selected products selling area based by actual store.

3. Participants agree that kept any information and records of participating activities. All the information and records shall be based on time of the organizer’s computer system. The Promoter assumes no responsibility for any cause by computer, internet, telephone, technician. The promotion did not responsible for any legal liability when participants submitted delayed, lost, wrong, unidentified data. The organizer did not responsible for any legal liability, no objection on it.

4. The service has stop or interrupt caused by natural disasters or other force majeures. The organizer has no responsibility when the system recognized the receipt number is used, no objection.

5. Anyone who violates the regulation of the promotion by hacking or other illegal actions will be invalidated, and the organizer reserves the right to prosecute participants or winners.

6. All the redemption documents (including the original winning receipt with purchase details), prize redemption form and ID of winner) must be verify by the organizer and review by the organizer. if the winning receipt number is wrong, inconsistent with system entry, incomplete, damaged, forged, altered, duplicated, or expired winning receipt will consider invalid, and the organizer reserves the right to cancel the qualifications to redeem the prize.

7. The receipt and purchase details that participate in this promotion will not be returned after verifying. When the promotion ends, the  organizer will donate all the participating receipts to the charity.

8. The organizer does not have responsibility due to loss, damaged or any other reasons by mailing the requirement of prize redemption. The winner agrees to the organizer has no responsible for the requirement of prize redemption lost, unidentified, incomplete or unclear information of the winner, and resulting in prize redemption failure or disqualification.

9. Participants of the promotion must ensure that all the information submit is true and correct, and have not misuse or misappropriation of other people's ID. If the information is not real or incorrect, the organizer will cancel the qualification of winner. Also, damage on the organizer or the rights of third party shall retain all civil and criminal prosecutions.

10. The prize of promotion cannot be converted, transferred or exchanged for cash.

11. The prizes are subject to the information published on this website. Due to force majeure, the organizer reserves the right to modify the details of the promotion and prize without prior notice. In addition, the organizer has the right to explain or rule on all matters of this promotion. If this promotion cannot be executed due to special reasons of force majeure, the organizer has the right to decide cancel, terminate, modify or suspend this promotion. Any unmentioned matters shall be interpreted by the organizer in accordance with the laws of Taiwan

12. Sending prize includes Taiwan, Kinmen, Penghu, Matsu area only. The organizer won’t send the prize oversea.

13. The winners must agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the prizes details, and the winners agree that the organizer will not be responsible for all the results after receiving or using the prizes.

14. All the contents of this promotion website are owned by the organizer. Without permission, no plagiarism, copy and reproduction of related pictures and text are allowed. The organizer reserves the right to prosecute all infringement matters.

15. Participants who participate in this promotion are deemed to agree and accept all the content and rules. If there is a violation of the promotion terms and conditions, the organizer may cancel the eligibility for the award and reserve the right of legal prosecution for any behavior that disrupts this event.

16. The organizer only uses personal information of participants for this promotion. And, un the personal data provided by the participants for the purpose of this promotion, and abides by the relevant provisions of the “Personal Information Protection Law” to protect the rights of participants. The winner agrees that the personal information related to the winning will be collected, processed and used by the organizer within the scope of the event, but not for other purposes. The winner also authorizes the organizer to publicly announce the name.