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Here's your chance to WIN exclusive Wang Yibo X Monster Energy Gear! Just buy any 2 cans of Monster Energy or Monster Energy Ultra from 7-Eleven during the promotion period, then text the following:

Monsterwyb+8 digit receipt number

to 83811, for a chance to instantly win exclusive Monster Gear, including a Wang Yibo exclusive Monster Energy T-Shirt, a Monster Energy necklace, or a Monster Energy Art Deco Skateboard!

For more details, please read the rules or call our service hotline at 02-25171326#22 (Mon-Fri. 10:00~17:00)

submit entries from September 09 2020 to October 06 2020

promotion rules

WIN Monster gear with WANG YIBO (Instant Win)


Activity method:

During the event period 2020/09/09 (Wednesday) to 2020/10/06 (Tuesday), purchase 2 or more cans of MONSTER® ENERGY/MONSTER® ENERGY ULTRA 355ml in a single receipt at any 7-11 outlet, then send an SMS with "Monsterwyb+8 digit invoice number" to 83811, for a chance to instantly win exclusive Monster Energy prizes.

  • The invoice date must be between 2020/09/09 (Wednesday) and 2020/10/06 (Tuesday) to participate in the lucky draw.
  • The system automatically draws at least 10 prizes every day.
  • This is randomly selected after the end of the system activity. The original paper invoice must be provided when redeeming the prize. Please be sure to inform the store to print out the paper invoice and details when purchasing the product. If it is stored on e-invoice, please go to the second-generation electronic invoice platform of the Ministry of Finance Print out the details of the E-invoice. Each newsletter participating in this event can only win once.

For details of the event, please visit If you have any questions, please call the event customer service hotline 02-25171326#22 from Monday to Friday 10:00-17:00 (not available during national holidays)

During the event:

2020/09/09 (Wed) to 2020/10/06 (Tue)

(SMS sending lottery draw period: 2020/09/09 (Wed) 00:00 to 2020/10/06 (Tue) 23:59)

  • Event fee: This event is only applicable to the participation of SMS prepared by mobile phone. There is no charge for SMS registration of this event. The mobile operator will charge the sending SMS user to receive the system SMS reply. The fee for successfully logging in is 5 dollars. The SMS fee will be telecommunications in the following month Collected in the bill.
  • To maintain the fairness of the lottery, each mobile phone number is limited to 30 participations. After successfully sending the SMS to 83811, the participant will receive a system SMS to reply to the notification SMS of successful registration. Each SMS can only register one invoice number, each invoice can only be registered once, and each invoice has only one chance of winning , Repeated login is invalid, and once the invoice number is logged in, it cannot be cancelled or deleted in any form.
  • Chunghwa Telecom/ FarEasy Telecom/Taiwan Big Brother/Asia Pacific Action/Taiwan Star Telecom monthly subscription users can participate; except FarEasy prepaid card number, other prepaid card numbers are not allowed to participate.


Activity threshold

Participated channel : 7-11

Event threshold: purchase more than 2 cans of MONSTER® ENERGY/MONSTER® ENERGY ULTRA 355ml

※ The above event conditions are limited to a single invoice, and it is not allowed to participate in cross-channels or combined invoices.


Activity awards:

First prize: a Monster skateboard (approximately TWD3,500 in market value, 40 people)

Second Prize: A Monster Necklace (approximately TWD1,500 in market value, 50 people)

Third Prize: A Monster Trendy Tshirt (size is not required) (market value is about TWD1,000, 200 people)


Redemption period:

Winners must complete the redemption process before 2020/10/21 (Wednesday) (postmark is valid), and they will be deemed to have waived the redemption qualification after the deadline


Prize collection and delivery time:

All awards will be delivered before 12/25 (Friday).

  • The company sends the gifts to the address provided by the winners. If the gifts cannot be delivered after the second delivery, within 10 days from the second delivery date, if the winners do not actively contact the organizer and pick them up by themselves Rebate of gifts will be deemed to automatically give up the right to redeem gifts.
  • If you have not received the gift or if the gift is found to be defective, please call to inform you within 7 days of the date of delivery, and the overdue date is deemed to be correct.


Redemption instructions:

  1. The winning invoice must be issued at the Participated channel during the event period (2020/09/09 (Wed) 00:00 to 2020/10/06 (Tue) 23:59) and must be clearly identified as a single purchase 2 MONSTER® ENERGY/MONSTER® ENERGY ULTRA 355ml, if there is no purchase item on the invoice, additional purchase details are required. Winners must submit the [original winning invoice] (with clear identification of the designated channel and the detailed content of the purchased activity product), hand-opened, vague and unrecognizable, photocopied invoices will be considered invalid) for the purpose of winning Provide sponsor review. Please remember to ask the store for the original paper copy of the electronic invoice. If it is stored on the carrier, please print out the details of the carrier on the second-generation electronic invoice platform of the Ministry of Finance. If you are lucky, you will be eligible for the award. If the electronic invoice is not listed for purchase For product details, winners must log in to the Ministry of Finance's electronic invoice integration service platform ( to query the transaction details of the registered invoice, or scan the QR code on the invoice to list the purchase details displayed on it Print as the basis for exchange operations.
  2. Winners please go to the event website to download the award confirmation letter (, and fill in the "Prize Confirmation Letter" + "Original Winning Invoice/Purchase Details" (redemption Original invoice/details required) + "Photocopy of the front and back of the ID card", before 2020/10/21 (Wednesday) (postmark proof) by registered mail to 10476 5th Floor, No. 368 Fuxing North Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City” MONSTERWangYibo Activity Group” to accept it. If the time expires, it will be deemed as an automatic waiver of qualification.
  3. According to the tax law of the Republic of China, if the winning value is more than NT$1,001 (inclusive), a photocopy of the front and back of the ID card is required for tax filing. The annual tax filing will be included in the personal income. Winners with a winning value of NT$20,001 (inclusive) are required to pay 10% tax in accordance with the law. If the winner is unwilling to pay this tax in advance, it will be deemed to have waived the eligibility to redeem the prize and no objection is allowed. The Taipei National Taxation Bureau of the Ministry of Finance implements "paperless vouchers." Since 2014, if various income tax vouchers meet certain conditions, the vouchers will be exempted in principle from sending the vouchers to the IRS after the voucher is filed with the IRS on schedule. people. Winners must complete the declaration before the end of May of the following year.
  4. Only citizens of the Republic of China can participate in this activity. Participants must be over 13 years old. If the winner is under the age of 20, in addition to the photocopy of the front and back of the ID card of the winner, a photocopy of the front and back of the ID card of the legal agent must be attached to collect the prize and all relevant procedures in order to receive the prize.
  5. The identity information filled in the award confirmation letter must be the same as the information for participating in this event. If there is any difference, the organizer reserves the right to cancel the qualification for participation or winning without prior notice.
  6. The relevant activity specifications are mainly based on the announcement on the activity website. If you have any questions about the activity, please call the customer service hotline 02-25171326#22  from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00 (not available during national holidays/Chinese New Year Answering service).




  1. The organizers of this event are Monster Energy Taiwan Co., Ltd. and the Swire Coca Cola Taiwan. is appointed as the co-organizer of the event. Employees of the organizer, event co-organizers and cooperating manufacturers are not allowed to participate in this event to show fairness.
  2. The specified conditions for participation in this event are: a single purchase of 2 cans of MONSTER® ENERGY /MONSTER® ENERGY ULTRA 355ml in a participated channel. Non-specified products or channels of the event cannot participate in this event. For the event, the designated product sales area of ​​the event is subject to the actual shop.
  3. Participants agree that any information and records of participating activities kept or generated by all participants shall be based on the organizer's computer system and time records. If there is any delay, loss, error, or illegibility in the information submitted by participants due to computer, internet, telephone, technology or reasons that are not attributable to the organizer, the organizer will not be responsible for any legal responsibility. The person shall not object to this.
  4. If the service is stopped or interrupted due to natural disasters or other force majeure during the event, the invoice number has been identified as used by the system, and the organizer is not responsible for any legal responsibility, and participants shall not object to it.
  5. Any hacking or other illegal act that violates the rules of the event will be invalid if the prize is won, and the organizer reserves the right to prosecute relevant participants or winners.
  6. All prize redemption vouchers (including the original winning invoice (purchase details required), the confirmation letter for receiving the prize and the information of the winner) must be checked by the organizer and subject to the examination of the organizer; if the winning invoice number is wrong, the winning invoice number is System login inconsistency, or any incomplete, damaged, forged, altered, copied, or overdue winning invoice will be deemed invalid, and the organizer reserves the right to cancel the relevant award qualification.
  7. The invoices and purchase vouchers for participating in the event will not be returned after inspection by the organizer. After the event is over, the organizer will donate all invoices for participating in the event to the charity organization.
  8. In the event of loss of letters, damaged envelopes or other reasons not attributable to the organizer during the delivery process, the redemption voucher is lost or cannot be identified, or the information of the winner is incomplete or unclear, resulting in failure or disqualification To redeem the prize, the winner agrees that the organizer is not responsible for this.
  9. Participants of the event must ensure that all the information filled in or submitted is true and correct, and that they have not fraudulently used or misappropriated the information of others. If there is false or incorrect information, the organizer will cancel the winning qualification and damage the organizer. The rights and interests of the unit or any third party shall retain all civil and criminal prosecution responsibilities.
  10. All prizes in this event cannot be converted, transferred or exchanged for cash.
  11. The awards are subject to the information published on this website. In case of force majeure, the organizer reserves the right to modify the details of the event and awards without prior notice, and has the right to explain or rule on all matters of this event. If this event cannot be executed due to special reasons of force majeure, the organizer has the right to decide to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend this event. Any unmentioned matters shall be interpreted by the organizer in accordance with the laws of the Republic of China.
  12. The prize delivery areas are limited to Taiwan, Kinmen, Penghu, and Matsu areas. The organizer will not handle the mailing of prizes to overseas areas.
  13. The winners must agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the prizes listed by the prize suppliers, and the winners agree that the organizer will not be responsible for all the results after receiving or using the prizes.
  14. All the contents of this event webpage are owned by the organizer. Without permission, no plagiarism, copy and reproduction of relevant pictures and text are allowed. The organizer reserves the right to prosecute all infringement matters.
  15. Participants who participate in this activity are deemed to agree to accept all the content and rules of this activity; if there is a violation of the relevant rules and regulations of this activity, the organizer may cancel the qualification for the prize, and retain legal prosecution for any behavior that disrupts this activity right.
  16. The organizer only uses the personal data provided by the participants for the purpose of this event, and abides by the relevant provisions of the [Personal Data Protection Law] to protect the rights of participants. The winner agrees that the personal information related to the winning will be collected, processed and used by the organizer within the scope of the event, but not for other purposes. The winner also authorizes the organizer to publicly announce the name.