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Win Hardik Gear


We've got the coolest Hardik Pandya X Monster Energy cricket gear, and we want it to be yours!

No purchase necessary, so what are you waiting for? Just fill the form and participate now. We will be picking daily winners, so fill out the form every day from now till 30th May 2020 to increase your chances to win!

submit entries from March 02 2020 to April 27 2020

Promotion Winners promotion rules

Extended Promo Dates -

Terms & Conditions:- “Win a Hardik Pandya x Monster Energy Gear Pack”

Official Rules

  1. Hardik x Monster Energy Gear Pack Offer (“Offer”) starts at 12.01am India Standard Time (“IST”) on 2nd March 2020 and ends at 11.59pm (“IST”) 30th May 2020 (“Offer Period”), at all participating outlets (“All Outlets”).
  2. The Promoter of this offer is Monster Energy India Private Limited.
  3. Offer

Grand Prize

    1. Hardik Pandya and Monster Energy Cricket Gear set – total Prize Pack cost is $83USD
      1. Monster Energy Cricket Bat = $45USD ARV
      2. Monster Energy Hardik Pandya Cricket Jersey = $15USD ARV
      3. Monster Energy Cricket Wickets = $20USD ARV
      4. Monster Energy Cricket Ball = $3USD ARV
    2. Total prize pool 90 x $83 = $7,470USD ARV

Second Prize

A free Hardik Poster with the purchase of any Monster Energy Can from a participating outlet.

  1. This Offer is not applicable in the state of Tamil Nadu.
  2. During the Offer Period, the customer must visit and complete the entry form to be  eligible to win (“Daily Lucky Draw”).
  3. Daily winners will be drawn the following Monday. E.g. Entries made on Monday 2nd of March will be drawn on 9th March, entries made on 3rd of March will be drawn on 9th March and so forth. There will be 13 (thirteen) total prize draws.   
    1. Draw 1    Monday, March 9, 2020 - (7 Winners Drawn)
    2. Draw 2    Monday, March 16, 2020 - (7 Winners Drawn)
    3. Draw 3    Monday, March 23, 2020   - (7 Winners Drawn)
    4. Draw 4    Monday, March 30, 2020   - (7 Winners Drawn)
    5. Draw 5    Monday, April 6, 2020 - (7 Winners Drawn)
    6. Draw 6    Monday, April 13, 2020 - (7 Winners Drawn)
    7. Draw 7    Monday, April 20, 2020 - (7 Winners Drawn)
    8. Draw 8    Monday, April 27, 2020 - (7 Winners Drawn)
    9. Draw 9    Monday, May 4, 2020 - (7 Winners Drawn)
    10. Draw 10 Monday, May 11, 2020 – (7 Winners Drawn)
    11. Draw 11 Monday, May 18, 2020 – (7 Winners Drawn)
    12. Drawn 12 Monday, May 25, 2020 – (7 Winners Drawn)
    13. Drawn 13 Monday, June 1, 2020 – (6 Winners Drawn)


  1. Entries go into the Daily Lucky Draw for that particular day, not the overall Promotion. E.g. if you enter on the 2nd March you will only go into the 2nd March Daily draw.
  2. The first valid entry drawn from all relevant entries during the relevant day during the Promotional period will win the Daily Prize.
  3. The only way to play the contest is to fill up the entry form which is available at the following website i.e.  Apart from the availability of the form on the website the form will also be featured on all instore POS. Following instructions have to be complied with.
    1. Scan the QR code. This will be featured on all instore POS. This QR code will direct you to the URL
    2. Text ‘HARDIK’ to 7835991991. You will receive a link to the competition URL after SMS.
    3. Visit and fill the form.
  4. In case the winner's Entry Coupon stands cancelled or the winner has refused or is deemed to have refused to accept his/ her Prize within 48hrs of the Lucky Draw, then such organizers shall at their sole discretion be free to deal with such Prize, as they deem fit and proper.
  5. It shall be the sole responsibility of the winner to claim and collect their Prize, from such location as informed by the organizers and on such date as may be informed to the winners. In the event of a failure to do so, it shall be deemed that the winner has refused to accept his/her Prize.
  6. At the time of claiming and collecting his/ her Prize, the Winner would be required to provide the following documents :-
  1. Address proof;
  2. Photo identity proof of age;
  3. Any other document as may be required by the organizer’s;
  4. Amount of tax to be deducted at source (“TDS”) by the way of a demand draft (if applicable) in a manner mentioned herein below;

The above documents are collectively referred to as “Registration Package”.

  1. Each Prize is awarded to the registered owner of the mobile phone and/or email address was entered at the time of entry.
  2. Organizers shall verify the Registration Package for their authenticity and reject it if not found genuine, in which case the entry of the such Winner, shall stand cancelled and any claim of such Winner on the Prize shall lapse.
  3. In case the winner has refused or is deemed to have refused to accept his/ her Prize or the participation of the winner has been rendered disqualified on account of adoption of unethical practices in violation of a law in force, then such organizers shall at their sole discretion be free to deal with such Prize, as they deem fit and proper
  4. Organizers are neither liable nor responsible for the quality of the Prize nor do they extend any warranty or guarantee thereto. The standard warranty given by the manufacturer of the Prize shall be valid.
  5. The Offer cannot be clubbed with any offer/scheme/promotion etc for the time being in force at the above-mentioned outlets.
  6. Photocopies/duplicates of and/or any torn/mutilated bill/invoice shall not be acceptable.
  7. The Prize under this Offer is non-transferable, non–exchangeable and non-cashable.
  8. This offer is being made purely on a “best effort” basis and is subject to force majeure conditions.
  9. The organizers reserve the right to, terminate, modify or extend this Offer at any time at its absolute discretion, without assigning any reason and without prior intimation.
  10. Pictures depicted only for illustrative purposes and are not indicative of actual size and/or colour.
  11. Decision of the organizers with respect to all transactions under this Offer, shall be final and binding on all the participating customers/winner(s)
  12. Stocks are also available without this Offer.
  13. Any participation in this Offer is purely voluntary and shall be deemed as acceptance of all the terms and conditions of this Offer.
  14. All taxes, as applicable, on the Prize shall be borne by the Winner.
  15. Any disputes arising from or in relation to Offer shall be subject exclusively to Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune and Hyderabad jurisdiction.

Winner Announcements - All Winner announcements will be made via [email protected]

2nd March - D Gupta, Delhi

3rd March - S Ahmed, Karnataka

4th March - R Gangta, Himachal Pradesh

5th March - J Vijay, Karnataka

6th March - K Kalati, Tamil Nadu

7th March - Y Dhruna, Gujarat

8th March - KM Gandhi, Maharastra

9th March - Sapthagiri KS, Karnataka

10th March - B Chauhan, Delhi

11th March - M, Gouni, Telangana

12th March - S, Kungwani, Gujarat

13th March - A, Kawale, Maharashtra

14th March - M, Patwal, Delhi

15th March - A, Sharma, Maharashtra

16th March - P, Rakesh, West Bengal

17th March - KS, Darshan, Karnataka

18th March - SR Goud, Telangana

19th March - J, Dhopte, Maharashtra

20th March - A, Shaukla, Maharashtra

21st March - M, Karmarkar, West Bengal

22nd March - P, Bachani, MP

23rd March - A, Jomon, New Delhi

24th March - A, Salunke, Maharashtra

25th March - J, Austin, Telangana

26th March - M, Ahmed, Telangana

27th March - A, Singh, Delhi

28th March - H, Anand, Karnataka

29th March - SK Karthik, Karnataka

30th March - M, Kothari, Tamil Nadu

31st March - C, Chanakya, Gujarat

1st April - KS, Sapthagiri, Karnataka

2nd April - D, Tauqir, Delhi

3rd April - S, Yerneni, Telangana

4th April - A, Khamrai, West Bengal

5th April - P, Deshmukh, Mahrashtra

6th April - R, Kohli, Maharashtra

7th April - R, Rodrigues, Maharashtra

8th April - R, Mondal, West Bengal

9th April - P, Mishra, Maharashtra

10th April - R, Mundhva, Gujarat

11th April - R, Barad, Maharashtra

12th April - D, Verma, Uttar Pradesh

13th April - R, Suri, Haryanya

14th April - P, Basu, Maharashtra

15th April - A, Pritam, Delhi

16th April - J, Patki, Gujarat

17th April - M, Malviy, Rajasthan

18th April - G, Sharma, Maharashtra

19th April - J, Thakor, Gujarat

20th April - P, Jangid, Rajasthan

21st April - A, Aman, Delhi

22nd April - M, Sharma, Maharashtra

23rd April - R, Upadhyay, Gujarat

24th April - R, Shah, Maharashtra

25th April - A, Abhi, Karnataka

26th April - A, Rajput, Gujarat

27th April - A,Lal Sheth, Gujarat

28th April - GS, Kisku, Jharkhand

29th April - V, Bachani, MP

30th April - Z, Ahman, Karnataka

1st May - A, Anjum, Delhi

2nd May - H, Malik, Delhi

3rd May - P, Parikh, Gujarat

5th May - V, Bachani, MP

6th May - R, Kumar, Bihar

7th May - P, Ghosal, West Bengal

8th May - C, Halder, West Bengal

9th May - K, Soni, Maharashtra

10th May - N, Fofarai, Karnataka

11th May - S. Goswami, West Bengal

12th May - R, Sati, Maharashtra

13th May - J, Stewart, Tamil Nadu

14th May - S, Rastogi, Uttar Pradesh

15th May - N, Bhagora, Gujarat

16th May - M, Kothari, Tamil Nadu

17th May - D, Khare, Uttar Pradesh

18th May - K, Vohra, Gujarat

19th May - S, Singhal, Odisha

20th May - B, Kenia, Maharashtra

21st May - K, Das, Karnataka

22nd May - M, Suri, Delhi

23rd May - S, Ribeiro, Maharashtra

24th May - H, Khan, Rajasthan

25th May - M, Joshi, Gujarat

26th May - A, Varshney, Maharashtra

27th May - P, Tuli, Uttar Pradesh

28th May - R, Gupta, West Bengal

29th May - J, Batawala, Madhya Pradesh

30th May - Chand Hussain Shaikh, Gujarat