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WIN Monster Yamaha VR46 Gear


Buy 2 or more cans of any Monster Energy product in a single receipt at participating outlets, for a chance to WIN exclusive Monster Energy MotoGP Gear!

Text “Monster” and your 8 digit receipt number to 83811 for a chance to win VR46 exclusive gear. Qualifying products include MONSTER® ENERGY drink 355ml, MONSTER® ENERGY Ultra 355ml and MONSTER® ENERGY Mango Loco 355ml.

TWO different ways to WIN BIG

4th November - 16th December 2020 Promotion

Participating Channels
CVS channel: 7-Eleven, Family Mart, Hi Life and OK mart
Home Channel: Carrefour, A.mart and RT Mart (non-online store)
E-commerce: PChome and MOMO

1st prize: AGV helmet(Market value NTD$39,800, 1 unit)

                  YAMAHA VR46 T-shirt (Market value NTD$1,400, 1 unit)

                  YAMAHA VR46 Cap (Market value NTD$980, 1 unit)

2nd prize: YAMAHA VR46 T-shirt(Market value NTD$1,400, 30 units)

3rd prize: YAMAHA VR46 Cap (Market value NTD$980, 50 units)

9th November - 1st December 2020 7-Eleven Exclusive Promotion

Purchase your Monster Energy products from 7-Eleven for a chance to instantly WIN a Monster Energy Motorcycle Helmet! All non-winning entries will be entered into the VR46 main draw.

Prize: Monster helmet - 1,000 units (market value NTD$3,900). At least 30 winners every day!


submit entries from November 04 2020 to December 16 2020

promotion rules

Contest Winners

winner # cellphone #
Invoice 8 digit#
1 0970XXX861 17542610  VR46全套周邊
2 0983XXX902 97887575 VR46 T恤1件
3 0979XXX883 55355360 VR46 T恤1件
4 0928XXX938 60260014 VR46 T恤1件
5 0956XXX177 33462686 VR46 T恤1件
6 0978XXX502 45266315 VR46 T恤1件
7 0952XXX420 28158171 VR46 T恤1件
8 0978XXX821 75403562 VR46 T恤1件
9 0910XXX428 71150309 VR46 T恤1件
10 0928XXX335 89621709 VR46 T恤1件
11 0933XXX461 38008108 VR46 T恤1件
12 0905XXX868 11737225 VR46 T恤1件
13 0919XXX153 33988840 VR46 T恤1件
14 0980XXX244 02493875 VR46 T恤1件
15 0984XXX933 30596072 VR46 T恤1件
16 0930XXX765 88484925 VR46 T恤1件
17 0958XXX288 03897426 VR46 T恤1件
18 0982XXX928 78112650 VR46 T恤1件
19 0926XXX217 42894818 VR46 T恤1件
20 0935XXX278 85686390 VR46 T恤1件
21 0917XXX858 38136609 VR46 T恤1件
22 0955XXX816 11279024 VR46 T恤1件
23 0908XXX975 88091975 VR46 T恤1件
24 0983XXX707 39996015 VR46 T恤1件
25 0970XXX898 55132561 VR46 T恤1件
26 0902XXX855 91115577 VR46 T恤1件
27 0920XXX637 55437278 VR46 T恤1件
28 0978XXX027 59425556 VR46 T恤1件
29 0958XXX147 41991832 VR46 T恤1件
30 0927XXX120 03195980 VR46 T恤1件
31 0920XXX327 74320244 VR46 T恤1件
32 0910XXX715 45922567 VR46 帽子1頂
33 0919XXX354 01608874 VR46 帽子1頂
34 0965XXX398 05763933 VR46 帽子1頂
35 0910XXX533 77796318 VR46 帽子1頂
36 0931XXX839 16940727 VR46 帽子1頂
37 0925XXX501 42480864 VR46 帽子1頂
38 0921XXX811 78458282 VR46 帽子1頂
39 0912XXX922 69810400 VR46 帽子1頂
40 0989XXX262 77193795 VR46 帽子1頂
41 0955XXX685 15646544 VR46 帽子1頂
42 0970XXX425 81814883 VR46 帽子1頂
43 0968XXX652 95120212 VR46 帽子1頂
44 0953XXX609 06469909 VR46 帽子1頂
45 0953XXX981 17918678 VR46 帽子1頂
46 0963XXX025 07113106 VR46 帽子1頂
47 0910XXX893 85771711 VR46 帽子1頂
48 0927XXX436 55846963 VR46 帽子1頂
49 0963XXX076 57906942 VR46 帽子1頂
50 0989XXX322 67298286 VR46 帽子1頂
51 0988XXX562 52321693 VR46 帽子1頂
52 0916XXX421 49977625 VR46 帽子1頂
53 0973XXX739 05336249 VR46 帽子1頂
54 0905XXX143 72393492 VR46 帽子1頂
55 0903XXX958 70834715 VR46 帽子1頂
56 0906XXX582 22406739 VR46 帽子1頂
57 0989XXX399 25364678 VR46 帽子1頂
58 0916XXX809 04458784 VR46 帽子1頂
59 0916XXX313 33770310 VR46 帽子1頂
60 0911XXX047 70629238 VR46 帽子1頂
61 0963XXX599 60116172 VR46 帽子1頂
62 0908XXX589 03479829 VR46 帽子1頂
63 0978XXX299 52988720 VR46 帽子1頂
64 0938XXX613 58488702 VR46 帽子1頂
65 0988XXX785 97008786 VR46 帽子1頂
66 0989XXX272 84259493 VR46 帽子1頂
67 0982XXX970 86745958 VR46 帽子1頂
68 0921XXX228 19107149 VR46 帽子1頂
69 0928XXX129 98368708 VR46 帽子1頂
70 0983XXX696 13299932 VR46 帽子1頂
71 0931XXX268 38136573 VR46 帽子1頂
72 0917XXX558 47558032 VR46 帽子1頂
73 0933XXX966 02633383 VR46 帽子1頂
74 0989XXX997 10249130 VR46 帽子1頂
75 0986XXX258 16556066 VR46 帽子1頂
76 0975XXX166 14208050 VR46 帽子1頂
77 0918XXX829 46573501 VR46 帽子1頂
78 0972XXX862 83360784 VR46 帽子1頂
79 0932XXX009 99067608 VR46 帽子1頂
80 0922XXX660 44651097 VR46 帽子1頂
81 0986XXX258 34098284 VR46 帽子1頂




During the promotion period, buy 2 or more MONSTER® ENERGY cans at selected retail channels in a single receipt, and text “Monster” with the 8 digit receipt number to 83811 for a chance to win exclusive VR46 gear. Qualifying products include MONSTER® ENERGY 355ml, MONSTER® ENERGY Ultra 355ml and MONSTER® ENERGY Mango Loco 355ml

7-Eleven Exclusive promotion: 9 November 2020 to 1 December 2020

Daily lucky draw to win a Monster Energy helmet. Non-winning entries will be added to the VR46 promotion draw.

The 7-Eleven exclusive promotion will start receiving text entries for the lucky draw beginning at 12:00 AM on 9 November 2020, and ending at 11:59PM on 1 December 2020. The date of purchase on the receipts should be between 00:00 9 November 2020 and 23:59 1 December 2020.

Participating retail channels   

CVS channels: 7-Eleven, Family Mart, Hi Life and OK mart

Home Channel: Carrefour, A-mart and RT mart (non-online store)

E-commerce: PChome and MOMO

  • Every receipt gives you one chance to enter the drawing
  • Each invoice only can win once. If you win the 7-Eleven prize with a particular receipt, that entry will not be counted towards theVR46 promotion lucky draw
  • The date of purchase on the receipts should be between 00:00 4 November 2020 and 23:59 16 December 2020.


  • The 7-Eleven exclusive promotion is a daily lucky draw. The winner of the VR46 promotion will be posted at the end of the promotion
  • Please provide the original receipt when claiming your prize. Please print out the receipt and purchase detail. If it was an e-invoice, please print out the purchase detail from the e-invoice platform of the Ministry of Finance website. Each text can only win once. For more details please visit
  • If you have any questions, please call 02-25171326#22 from Monday through Friday 10AM-5PM (Customer service will not be provided during national holidays).


Cost of activity:

  • Cost of activityThis promotion is only open to text participation with no charge fee. However, your mobile operator will charge a $5 text fee each time you enter. This text fee will be charged in the next bill.
  • To maintain the fairness of the lottery, each mobile phone number is limited to 30 entries. After sending the text to 83811 successfully, the participant will receive a notification text of successful registration. Each text can only register one invoice number, each invoice can only be registered once, and each invoice has only one chance of winning. Repeated login is invalid, and once the invoice number is logged in, it cannot be cancelled or deleted in any form.
  • Qualifying participants: Monthly rental users of Chunghwa Telecom/Far EasTone Telecommunications/Taiwan Mobile/Asia Pacific Telecom/Taiwan Star Telecom and Far EasTone prepaid card. Other prepaid cards CANNOT be used to participate in this promotion.

Select product

MONSTER® ENERGY drink 355ml


MONSTER® ENERGY Mango Loco 355ml


1st prize: AGV helmet Market value NTD$39,800, 1 unit

                  YAMAHA VR46 T-shirt Market value NTD$1,400, 1 unit

                  YAMAHA VR46 Cap (Market value NTD$980, 1 unit

2nd prize: YAMAHA VR46 T-shirt Market value NTD$1,400, 30 units

3rd prize YAMAHA VR46 Cap (Market value NTD$980, 50 units

  • One size for all prizes
  • Lucky Draw date: 17 December 2020 (Thursday)
  • The list of winners will be posted on 25 December 2020 on the Monster Energy website (Also will be posted to Mobilewiz Corporation )


7-Eleven Exclusive promotion prize

Monster helmet - 1,000 units (market value NTD$3,900). At least 30 winners every day

Prize Redemption Period

  • 7-Eleven exclusive winners have to redeem their prizes before 16 December 2020. After this period of time, their prizes will be considered forfeit. 
  • VR46 promotion winners have redeem their prizes before 08 January 202. After this period of time, their prizes will be considered forfeit. 

Prize Mailing Time

All the prizes will be mailed before 5 February 2021.

  • We will mail the prize to the address provided by the winners. Winners should contact us immediately if their prize has not been successfully delivered. If the prize is not received 10 days after the second attempted delivery, the prize is considered forfeit.
  • Winner who do not receive your prize or who find defects in their prize, must call customer service before 28 February 2021.


The winning receipt must be issued at the selected retail channel during the event period (4 November 2020 and 16 December 2020 ) and must be clearly identified as a single purchase of 2 cans of MONSTER® ENERGY drink, MONSTER® ENERGY Ultra 355ml or MONSTER® ENERGY Mango Loco 355ml. If the receipt did not have purchase details, please attached an invoice with the purchase details. For verifying the winning entries, each winner must send their original receipt which clearly identifies the selected retail channel and purchase details for the promotion. Handwritten, unidentifiable, or copies of receipts will be considered invalid. When the receipt is an e-invoice, please print out the purchase detail from the e-invoice platform of the Ministry of Finance website. When the receipt is an e-invoice without purchase details, please retrieve the purchase details from the e-invoice platform of the Ministry of Finance website ( On the other hand, you can print out the purchase details by scanning the QR code on the receipt for the prize redemption.

  1. Under Taiwan tax law, when the winning prize value is more than NTD$1,001, the winner needs to provide a front and back copy of their ID card, that will used for tax filing and will be included in personal income in annual tax filing. When the winning prize value is more than NTD$20,001, the winner needs to pay 10% tax under the law. If the winner does not want to pay the tax, their prize is considered forfeit. The National Taxation Bureau of Taipei (MOF) implements "paperless document”. If various income tax documents meet certain conditions, the unit that issued the document will, in principle, be exempt from sending the document to the MOF after filing the document to the MOF on schedule. Moreover, winners must complete the declaration before the end of May of the following year.
  2. The participant must be a Taiwan citizen and aged of 13 or older. When the winner is not yet 20 years old, the winner must provide a front and back copy of their ID card, as well as a front and back copy of their legal representative's ID card to redeem the prize.
  3. The prize redemption form must be completed by the same person who entered the promotion. If not, the organizer has the right to disqualify the entry without notice.
  4. The terms and conditions of the promotion are based on the promotion website announcement. If you have any questions, please call 02-25171326#22 from Monday through Friday 10AM-5PM (Customer service will not be provided during national holidays and Chinese New Year).

Terms and Conditions

  1. The promotion is by Monster Energy Company (Taiwan) and Swire Coca-Cola (S&D) Limited. Entrust Mobilewiz Corporation is the promotion co-organizer. The employees of the promotion organizers and co-organizer cannot participate in this promotion
  2. To enter this promotion: At selected retail channels, buy 2 or more cans of MONSTER® ENERGY drink/MONSTER® ENERGY ULTRA 355ml/MONSTER® ENERGY Mango Loco 355ml. Purchases of other products or purchases at other retail channels will not qualify.
  3. Participants agree that records of participation activities will be kept. All the information and records shall be based on the time of the organizer’s computer system. The Promoter assumes no responsibility for any problems caused by computer, internet, telephone, or technician issues. The promotors are not responsible for any legal liability if participants submit delayed, lost, wrong, or unidentifiable data. The organizer is not responsible for any legal liability, no objection on it.
  4. The service may stop or be interrupted by natural disasters or other force majeure. The organizer has no responsibility when the system recognized the receipt number is used, no objection.
  5. Anyone who violates the regulation of the promotion by hacking or other illegal actions will be invalidated, and the organizer reserves the right to prosecute participants or winners.
  6. All the redemption documents (including the original winning receipt with purchase details), prize redemption form and ID of winner) must be verified by the organizer and reviewed by the organizer. If the winning receipt number is wrong, inconsistent with system entry, incomplete, damaged, forged, altered, duplicated, or expired, the winning receipt will consider invalid, and the organizer reserves the right to cancel the qualifications to redeem the prize.
  7. The receipt and purchase details that participate in this promotion will not be returned after verifying. When the promotion ends, the organizer will donate all the participating receipts to the charity.
  8. The organizer does not have responsibility due to loss, damaged or any other reasons by mailing the requirement of prize redemption. The winner agrees to the organizer has no responsible for the requirement of prize redemption lost, unidentify, incomplete or unclear information of the winner, and resulting in prize redemption failure or disqualification.
  9. Participants of the promotion must ensure that all the information submitted is true and correct, and have not misused or misappropriated other people's ID. If the information is not real or incorrect, the organizer will cancel the qualification of winner. Also, damage on the organizer or the rights of third party shall retain all civil and criminal prosecutions.
  10. The prize of promotion cannot be converted, transferred or exchanged for cash.
  11. The prize are subject to the information published on this website. Due to force majeure, the organizer reserves the right to modify the details of the promotion and prize without prior notice. In addition, the organizer has the right to explain or rule on all matters of this promotion. If this promotion cannot be executed due to special reasons of force majeure, the organizer has the right to decide cancel, terminate, modify or suspend this promotion. Any unmentioned matters shall be interpreted by the organizer in accordance with the laws of Taiwan.
  12. Sending prize includes Taiwan, Kinmen, Penghu, Matsu area only. The organizer won’t send the prize oversea.
  13. The winners must agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the prizes details, and the winners agree that the organizer will not be responsible for all the results after receiving or using the prizes.
  14. All the contents of this promotion website are owned by the organizer. Without permission, no plagiarism, copy and reproduction of related pictures and text are allowed. The organizer reserves the right to prosecute all infringement matters.
  15. Participants who participate in this promotion are deemed to agree and accept all the content and rules. If there is a violation of the promotion terms and conditions, the organizer may cancel the eligibility for the award and reserve the right of legal prosecution for any behavior that disrupts this event.
  16. The organizer only uses personal information of participants for this promotion. And, un the personal data provided by the participants for the purpose of this promotion, and abides by the relevant provisions of the “Personal Information Protection Law” to protect the rights of participants. The winner agrees that the personal information related to the winning will be collected, processed and used by the organizer within the scope of the event, but not for other purposes. The winner also authorizes the organizer to publicly announce the name.